Instantly Qualify Your Internet Leads with ActiveProspect

Put the ActiveProspect Platform behind your web forms and immediately see the benefits of real-time lead qualification.

Cleanse your incoming leads for improved contactability
  • Instantly filter subscribers using real-time qualification flows
  • Higher call center productivity means motivated sales reps

Enhance your leads with real-time data append services
  • Integrate with any data services to enhance your leads for real-time scoring & decisioning
  • Improve site conversions by collecting less data from consumers

Protect your business from violations of TCPA & other regulations
  • Verify & document proof of consent (including a real-time screenshot)
  • Scrub your leads in real time against DNC or suppression lists

Simplify real-time data integrations & routing
  • Easily integrate with web forms, 3rd party lead vendors, CRM, etc.
  • Route leads in real time to different systems or office locations


How to Instantly Qualify Online Leads with ActiveProspect

ActiveProspect is a middleware platform that resides between web forms and back end systems like ESPs and internal databases.

  • Filter


    Filter leads based on your acceptance criteria
  • Scrub


    Submit leads from your forms, landing pages, or send directly from your servers.
  • De-dupe


    Set up advanced routing scenarios, including Ping Post.
  • Append


    Automatic, real-time delivery. Capture and use responses for subsequent actions.
  • Capture Screenshot


    Use our out-of-the-box field types validation or add your own 3rd party validation or scoring service.

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