Facebook Lead Ads Integration

LeadConduit, ActiveProspect’s real-time data integration hub, enables you to deliver lead information generated from Facebook Lead Ads to any system within your marketing technology stack. And, through integrations with an extensive list of data providers, you can verify your leads and append additional, qualifying information to them along the way. All in real time!

Benefits of Managing Facebook Lead Ads with LeadConduit

  • Capture


    Capture your Facebook leads in real-time, as they sign up.
  • Route


    Deliver the same lead to multiple places based on rules.
  • Deliver


    Automate real-time lead delivery to any CRM, ESP, or system.
  • Verify


    Verify lead contact information using best-of-breed verification services.
  • Filter Facebook Leads


    Block any leads that don’t meet your criteria. Including duplicates!
  • Enhance


    Append additional data to the lead using a variety of providers.

Get Started with Facebook Lead Ads


If you are an existing customer and would like to get started using Facebook Lead Ads with LeadConduit, simply contact your Client Success Manager. They will be happy to walk you through the process of connecting your Facebook Account to your LeadConduit Account. We’ll also take some time to review your lead Flows and optimize them for the data that you’re receiving through your Lead Ad Campaigns. Once your account has been configured, you can immediately begin to leverage Facebook as a lead source in all of your LeadConduit Flows. You can also review the process for setting up Facebook Lead Ads in our support center.

If you are new to ActiveProspect and would like to learn more about LeadConduit and our integration with Facebook Lead Ads, we’d love to hear from you!

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