Phone Verification and DNC Check

  • TeleSign authenticates phone number data. They started with phone-based authentication services, and as they anticipated changes in hacker behavior they introduced a line of data products. These products reveal important fraud indicators based on a user’s phone number. Every product they deliver uses the power of Mobile Identity to make the Internet a safer place.

  • Easily Manage Your Suppression Lists. SuppressionList provides the simplest and most flexible way to comply with do-not-contact regulations. Our lightning-fast API allows you to query your lists in real time to determine whether a consumer has opted-out.

  • Whitepages Pro is a leading provider of global identity solutions focused on phone numbers and contact information. We improve customer engagement and risk mitigation processes. With the largest and most up-to-date data in the industry, Whitepages Pro delivers the best insights and coverage to identify and validate customers who impact your business.

  • Since 1985, Melissa Data has been a leading provider of data quality and address management solutions. Melissa Data’s data quality software, Cloud services and data integration components verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance and update U.S., Canadian, and global contact data, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for improved communications and ROI.

  • Service Objects dramatically improves customer data quality with real-time contact validation APIs, which instantly compare user-provided data with certified address and phone databases to ensure accuracy and deliverability. Instantly correct and append contact data, detect bogus names, perform reverse phone and address lookups, and ensure deliverability.

  • Neustar is the first real-time, cloud-based information services and analytics provider enabling clients to effectively promote and protect their businesses. We provide accurate, up-to-the-minute insights, delivering trusted, data-driven intelligence enabling clients to make informed, actionable decisions in real time, one customer interaction at a time.

  • We provide enterprise preference management solutions that let marketers personalize multi-channel communications to consumers. By enabling consumers to manage their preferences including the preferred contact means, the optimal frequency, products of interest, and account servicing preferences, companies send more targeted messages.

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