Working with ActiveProspect

How We Price

ActiveProspect services are priced based on usage. Pricing is driven by the number of leads processed and the services being used to process the leads. As your volume increases, you can select plans with discounts for longer terms and/or higher volume commitments. Our services start at just pennies per transaction and a $500/month minimum. We don’t restrict software features based on the plan you choose or force you to sign up for services you don’t need or can’t afford. Contact us for a price quote.

Account Plans

Account plans define our working relationship. We have three basic plans to cover the needs of our primary customer types ranging from self-service/DIY to full service enterprise clients. The product feature set is the same no matter which plan you choose.

  • Monthly Account Minimum

  • Basis for Contracting
  • Contract Term
  • Invoicing Protocol
  • Form of Payment
  • Payment Terms
  • Additional Requirements
    (e.g., insurance caps, security audits)
  • Ongoing Support
  • Support Contact
  • Basic Support (Support Portal or Email)
  • Phone Support
  • Tech Support Response Priority**
  • Additional Tech Support Resources
  • Success Planning and Business Reviews
  • Ongoing Training
  • Custom Projects*
  • On-Boarding
  • Professional Services Hours Included*
  • Project Management

  • Standard

  • $500
    per month

  • Standard ActiveProspect terms
    of service (no edits allowed)
  • Month-to-month
  • Email
  • Credit card
  • Automated pre-payment at
    beginning of month
  • Named account manager
  • Standard
  • Knowledge base, technical alerts
  • Annual business review via web conference
  • Webinars, monthly newsletters
  • None
  • 1 hour
  • Post on-board review at
    2 & 12 weeks

  • Professional

  • $1000
    per month

  • Standard ActiveProspect terms
    of service (edits allowed)
  • Annual
  • Email
  • Credit card, check or ACH
  • Net 30
  • Named account manager
  • Expedited
  • Knowledge base, technical alerts
  • Success & onboarding planning, biannual reviews via
    web conference
  • Webinars, monthly newsletters, biannual refreshers
    & best practices
  • Professional services SOW
  • 2 hours
  • Success plan & completion
    metrics defined, post on-board
    review at 12 weeks

  • Enterprise

  • $5000
    per month

  • Standard client terms
    for like suppliers
  • Annual
  • Email or client’s supplier portal
  • Credit card, check or ACH
  • Client’s standard term
  • Allowable
  • Named account manager
  • First Priority
  • Knowledge base, technical alerts
  • Success & onboarding planning, quarterly reviews via web
    conference, annual onsite visit
  • Webinars, monthly newsletters, quarterly refreshers
    & best practices
  • 8 hours per quarter, professional services SOW for additional work
  • 8 hours
  • As needed. Success plan & onboarding metrics defined,
    post-on-board review at 12 weeks

* For example, integrations, configurations, additional user training or technical or business consultation.
** Issues are prioritized by severity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter how many users we have?
No, we don’t price based on seats or named users. You can add as many users as you want to your account at no additional cost.

I’m starting small, can you help me?
Yes, you can purchase services on a month-to-month basis and add new services as you need them. As your business grows, we offer discounts for longer terms and higher volume. The Standard account plan is designed for people like you.

I am comfortable working in the ActiveProspect platform, do I need an Account Plan?
Yes, our Standard Plan might make sense for you. No matter what, you will be in an account plan. The question is which one? If you don’t need much assistance, you can start with the standard plan that has the lowest monthly minimums.

We have specific needs in working with our vendors, I need you to carry specific insurance and to undergo a security audit. Can you help me?
Yes, our Enterprise Plan covers the cost of these corporate requirements, special billing needs and legal requirements.

Can I purchase 3rd party services like email and phone verification from ActiveProspect?
Yes, we offer a marketplace of services that can be purchased directly from us and are simply added to your monthly invoice.


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