Certified Leads Provide Independent Proof of Opt-In

TrustedForm introduced the concept of independent lead certification to bring trust and transparency to the online lead generation industry. Using this revolutionary patent pending process, lead buyers can finally get independent proof of what they are buying.

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The Risks of buying Internet Leads

When you allow another company to collect leads on your behalf by hosting the web-form, you are relinquishing control to that company. This presents a tremendous amount of risk. The risk can be split into 3 categories:


Financial Risk
When it comes to Internet leads, advertisers often don’t get what they pay for. There is financial incentive for vendors to increase their margins by buying lower quality leads. Campaigns are brokered between multiple parties making it impossible to determine the actual source of the leads. The end result is advertisers end up overpaying for leads.


Brand Risk
There may be undesirable websites collecting inquiries on your behalf that have a negative impact on your brand. Is your brand being presented properly to the consumer? Are the correct images being shown? The correct ad copy?


Regulatory Risk
If you are in a regulated industry there could be severe penalties due to the actions of your lead vendors. Are your partners using the proper copy and images on the form? Are they misleading consumers in order to increase volume? Are the proper legal disclosures and privacy policy on the form?

Our Solution

The concept of independent certification is simple and has been successfully used in a variety of industries. Similar to a GIA certificate for a diamond or a CarFax for a used car, TrustedForm issues a certificate with each Internet lead. The certificate is provided to the lead buyer as one additional data field. The certificate is provided as a URL, so that when you click on it you see…..

  • When did they visit? Timestamp of the site visit.
  • Where did they visit? URL where consumer signed up.
  • Who visited? IP and browser of consumer.
  • What did they see? Real-time screenshot of the page as seen by the consumer.

Features & Benefits for Lead Buyers

  • Proof of Compliance

    Proof of compliance

    A TrustedForm certificate is independent proof of opt-in for a lead. Trustedform maintains the certificate and associated screenshot for every individual lead as proof of compliance in the event of an audit or consumer complaint.
  • Indepenent 3rd Party

    Independent 3rd party

    TrustedForm is an impartial issuing authority for the certificates. It independently collects the certificate data and doesn’t rely on any vendor-reported information.
  • Real-time Screen Capture

    Real-time screen capture

    We store an actual copy of the webpage as seen by the visitor. We capture the full HTML and store it with each certificate. We’ll store it as long as needed in paid accounts.
  • Api


    Our RESTful API allows you to pull TrustedForm data into any 3rd party application. So you can capture the Certificate data with your leads in your lead management or CRM solution.
  • Usaged Based Pricing

    Usage based pricing

    With our self-service plans, we’ve taken away the financial risk to try the service. You only pay for what you use and you can cancel anytime.
  • Reliable


    Our script has been optimized with over 2 years of production use to ensure that it won’t slow down your site and also so it can’t be fooled by nefarious publishers.
  • Page Scanning

    Page scanning

    Pagescan verifies the presence of required consent and disclosures, and/or absence of restricted content, all in real-time. This allows marketers to immediately verify content prior to making an outbound call, eliminating the need for manual review.
  • Video Replay

    Video Replay

    Video Replay shows exactly how the user interacted with the form for the most authoritative proof of consent

Features & Benefits for Lead Sellers

  • Free for publishers

    Free for publishers

    Our script is openly available on our website for publishers to implement and provide Certified Leads to their buyers.
  • Fast


    Our script has been optimized with over 2 years of production use to ensure that it won’t slow down your site.
  • Transparency


    TrustedForm is an impartial issuing authority for the certificates. We show you exactly what is collected by the Certificate
  • Easy to Implement

    Easy to implement

    Publishers add our script to the forms where leads are captured. It is a universal script – the same script is used for every advertiser and every placement. Advertisers capture an additional field (for the certificate) with the rest of the lead data.
  • Protect Proprietary Information

    Protect Proprietary Information

    We provide legal terms stating what is collected by the script and show you what was collected in each Certificate so you can be 100% confident your proprietary data is safe. We hide all the query string data to protect your keyword data or traffic sources. Learn More
  • Recognition


    Prove that you are a quality provider and differentiate your business from the competition. Sign up to be a TrustedForm Certified Vendor and get listed on this site.
  • Masked Certificates

    Masked certificates

    Masked certificates are exact copies of full certificates, except the source information (site URL and screenshot)
    have been masked. They still contain essential information about the origin of the lead, so lead buyers can independently verify lead authenticity and compliance.

How to Integrate TrustedForm

Ready to start issuing TrustedForm Certificates with your leads? Go to our TrustedForm setup page to learn more on how you can get started today.

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