Webinar: Gain Competitive Advantage in Auction-based Environments with Advanced Insights

Call transfers are an effective part of the marketing media mix for driving customer acquisition. They can increase the ROI of your direct marketing efforts and bring high-intent prospects to your business. 

But without real-time insights, what is stopping your business from overpaying for unsubstantiated leads from an unverified third-party source?

ActiveProspect and Retreaver are teaming up to discuss how real-time lead insights can determine quality and verify origination, optimize cost efficiency during the bidding process, and how these insights can increase transfer conversion rates.

What you will learn:

  • How you can use insights such as, “Which website did the lead originate from?” to determine the quality of a transfer and its propensity to convert.
  • How to use those data points in real-time to determine how much to bid on a transfer

When: On Demand
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