The Lead Acquisition Process

What is BriteVerify?

BriteVerify is a real-time email verification service that provides tools to identify invalid email addresses in real time. Using ActiveProspect’s prebuilt BriteVerify integration in LeadConduit you can not only identify invalid emails, you can also take action – if desired – to keep them from entering your customer databases, email marketing campaigns, and/or online newsletters.

Get Set Up in Minutes

LeadConduit’s pre-built BriteVerify integration makes it simple to utilize the service in your lead flow, without the need for custom development work.

Use Unlimited Data Enhancement Services

Easy integration with BriteVerify is just the beginning. LeadConduit enables users to combine unlimited data enhancement services and create complex rules-based lead qualification flows.

Convenient Sign-up and Billing

BriteVerify service can be ordered and billed as part of your LeadConduit subscription. You get the same rate as buying directly from BriteVerify. There is no long term contract, and through ActiveProspect the set up and integration is free.

Go live today with LeadConduit’s pre-built integration