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Managing CPL marketing requires a comprehensive solution in order to effectively scale campaigns.

What is CPL marketing?

Whether you buy internet leads for your sales team or run opt-in advertising to acquire email subscribers, you are engaged in Cost Per Lead Marketing. If done right, these campaigns can be a great way to grow your business. Unfortunately there is a lot that can go wrong. The ActiveProspect product suite was built specifically to manage these types of campaigns to protect you from the risks while maximizing ROI.

ActiveProspect provides a
comprehensive CPL marketing solution.

Running a successful CPL marketing campaign involves multiple elements:

Vendor Management

Integrating with partners

Receive leads automatically and in real-time no matter where they originate with LeadConduit's various inbound integrations. Our simple instructions were designed to help vendors get set-up quickly.

Customize lead criteria by source

LeadConduit allows you to define lead criteria by source. So you can apply different rules and filters based on the source of the lead. For example, you can choose to implement stricter criteria for third party sources versus your own forms.

Automated lead returns

In addition to real-time rejects, sometimes leads need to be returned after the fact. When this happens, LeadConduit simplifies the process by allowing you to automate returns via a variety of delivery methods.

Reporting for partners

Easily share real-time online reporting with your partners so they can see the leads you have received and accepted to ensure that billable leads are always reconciled. In addition, you have the option of sharing conversion data with your partners.

Performance Management

Verify what you are buying

Unfortunately there is a lot of fraud in digital marketing. One type of fraud that is particular to cost-per-lead marketing is lead fraud. TrustedForm allows you to independently verify you are receiving authentic leads to protect yourself from legal, brand, and financial risk.

Rejecting bad leads

Most vendors will give you credit for leads rejected in real-time. This can be 10-20% of your budget. By rejecting leads up front, you not only get increased media ROI, but keep non-converting leads out of your systems and improve operational efficiency.

Optimize by site

Campaign optimization can be challenging due to the complex network of vendor relationships. Reliable source data is critical to maximizing results. TrustedForm allows you to optimize by the site that actually generates the leads, as opposed to the vendor.


To understand campaign performance, it is best to track conversions by lead sources. LeadConduit supports feedback from your CRM to automate this process to provide the reporting needed to optimize your spend.

Campaign Management


Using SuppressionList, you can avoid paying for the same lead twice. You can also share your lists with partners so they can pre-ping before sending you a lead.

Volume caps

Managing volume caps can be tricky. LeadConduit makes this easy by automatically filtering out any leads beyond your caps. You can set caps by campaign, vendor, and lead type, down to the second. This helps ensure you never get more of any type of lead than you want.


There are a variety of legal regulations governing advertising and contacting consumers. The primary ones people worry about are TCPA Compliance and CASL Compliance. TrustedForm allows you to verify and document consent.


Real-time reporting allows you to actively monitor your campaigns. Track volume by source including a breakdown of good and bad leads. Get a detailed audit trail on every single lead.

LeadConduit handles all the moving pieces
of your cost per lead marketing campaigns.

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