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Property Details


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Comprehensive property data that's easy to use. Access property characteristics, property tax assessment data, ownership and more!

Appended Fields

CoreLogic will append the following data to your lead.

Appended FieldDescription
Integration outcome (success or error).
If the outcome is error, this is the reason why.
Whether or not the lookup is billable.
Last Updated Date
Last updated date from CoreLogic
Property Id
Property ID from CoreLogic
Property Apn
APN from CoreLogic
Property Street Address
Street address from CoreLogic
Property City
City from CoreLogic
Property Postal Code Zip
Zip code from CoreLogic
Property Postal Code Plus4
Zip+4 from Corelogic
Property State
State from CoreLogic
Property Latitude
Latitude from CoreLogic
Property Longitude
Longitude from CoreLogic
Ownership Owner 1 Name
Owner 1 Name
Ownership Owner 2 Name
Owner 2 name
Ownership Vesting Owner 1
Vesting Owner 1
Ownership Vesting Owner 2
Vesting Owner 2
Ownership Vesting Owner 3
Vesting Owner 3
Ownership Vesting Owner 4
Vesting Owner 4
Ownership Vesting Etal
Vesting Et Al
Ownership Right
Ownership Right
Ownership Is Owner Occupied
Does the owner occupy the property?
Ownership Corporate Owner
Corporate owner
Ownership Owner Vesting Code
Owner Vesting Code
Building Stories
Building Second Floor Area
Second floor area
Building Third Floor Area
Third floor area
Building Above Grade Area
Above grade area
Building Addition Area
Addition area
Building Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Building Attic
Attic area
Building Main Area
Main area
Building Basement Area
Basement area
Building Basement Finish
Basement finish
Building Basement Type
Basement type
Building Full Baths
Number of full bathrooms
Building Half Baths
Number of half bathrooms
Building Bedrooms
Number of bedrooms
Building Building Comments
Building comments
Building Carport Area
Carport area
Building Condition
Building Construction Type
Construction type
Building Exterior Wall
Exterior wall
Building Finished Basement Area
Finished basement area
Building Fireplace
Building Fireplace Type
Fireplace type
Building Floor Cover Code
Floor cover code
Building Flooring
Building Foundation
Building Garage 2 Area
Garage 2 area
Building Garage Area
Garage area
Building Garage Capacity
Garage capacity
Building Gross Area
Gross area
Building Ground Floor Area
Ground floor area
Building Heating Fuel Code
Building Heat Type
Heat type
Building Interior Wall Code
Interior wall code
Building Living Area
Living area
Building Other Improvements
Other improvements
Building Parcel Comments
Parcel comments
Building Parcel Fuel
Parcel fuel
Building Parking Spaces
Parking spaces
Building Parking Type
Parking type
Building Pool
Building Porch Code
Porch code
Building Roof Frame Code
Roof frame code
Building Roof Shape Code
Roof shape code
Building Roof Material Type
Roof material type
Building Roof Type Code
Roof type code
Building Total Building Area
Total building area
Building Total Baths
Total baths
Building Year Built
Year built
Building Fireplace Count
Fireplace count
Tax Total Assessed Value
Total assessed value
Tax Land Assessment
Land Assessment
Tax Improvement Value
Improvement value
Tax Market Value
Market value
Tax Assessment Value
Assessment value
Tax Tax Year
Tax year
Tax Delinquent Year
Delinquent year
Tax Tax Area Code
Tax area code
Tax Property Tax Amount
Property tax amount
Tax Assessment Year
Assessment year
Tax Tax Exemptions
Tax exemptions
Site Acres
Number of acres
Site County Use Code
Country use code
Site Land Use
Land use
Site Lot Square Feet
Size of lot in square feet
Site Lot Depth
Lot depth
Site Lot Shape
Lot shape
Site Lot Width
Lot width
Site Number Of Buildings
Number of buildings
Site County Use
Country use
Lms First Mortgage Amount
First mortgage amount from last market sale
Lms First Mortgage Loan Type
First mortgage loan type from last market sale
Lms Price Per Square Foot
Price per square foot from last market sale
Lms Recording Date
Recording date from last market sale


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

Address 1
Required fieldCoreLogic needs this data to function.
Address 1
Address 2
Address 2
Required fieldCoreLogic needs this data to function.
Required fieldCoreLogic needs this data to function.
Postal Code
Required fieldCoreLogic needs this data to function.
Postal code

Custom Input Variables

The following are configuration options (typically not collected with lead data).

Timeout SecondsProduce an "error" outcome if the server fails to respond within this number of seconds (default: 360)