Add any data service to your lead flow

Many companies now provide API-based data services that can validate lead information and enrich the lead data. These capabilities are an important component of lead acquisition as they drive optimization and prioritization, leading to more effective marketing campaigns. Yet, while these data services provide a great deal of value, implementing them can be difficult and time consuming. Vendor contracts, technical integrations, up-front minimums and limited IT resources contribute to long and expensive implementation cycles.

LeadConduit removes these challenges, making lead enhancement inexpensive and easy. Integrations with many popular services are built-in, plus, the platform provides flexible integrations that you can use to integrate with any API-based data service. Adding or removing integrations in your lead Flow takes only a couple of clicks. Without having to bother IT or write a single line of code, you can build complex lead prioritization and routing based on the data these services provide.

Marketplace Integrations Make it Easy

We have partnered with a number of industry leading data providers, making their products available for purchase directly through LeadConduit, saving you time and considerable effort. No new contracts. No new accounts. No minimums. No implementation delays. Add the step to your Flow and you’re done.

Fast & Easy

There’s no need to wait on the lawyers to redline contracts or developers to schedule the project. You don’t have to standardize the data. Add the step, save your Flow and new leads will be validated or enhanced.

Pay only for what you use

Typically the costs that you see on their web sites are what you pay us. We wave the LeadConduit transaction fee.

Quick Way to Try a New Service

Use as many services as you like, compare providers, and ultimately home in on the services that enable you to produce the best leads.