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Bespoke delivery for Mead-Johnson

Appended Fields

Epsilon will append the following data to your lead.

Appended FieldDescription
The outcome of the integration
If outcome is error, this is the reason
Profile Id
Epsilon Profile ID


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

Salutation (Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc)
First Name
First name
Middle Name
Middle name
Last Name
Last name
Name Suffix
Name Suffix (Jr, II, etc)
Marital Status
Name Suffix (Jr, II, etc)
Date of birth
Address 1
Address 1
Address 2
Address 2
Postal Code
Postal Code
Email address
Phone 1
Telephone number 1
Phone 2
Telephone number 2
Phone 3
Telephone number 3
Company Name
Company name
Lead description
Campaign Source
Identifies the search engine, newsletter name, or other referrer. Similar to Google's and Bing's Campaign Source (utm_source, bing_source).
Campaign Medium
Identifies the medium such as email or cost-per- click. Similar to Google's and Bing's Campaign Medium (utm_medium, bing_medium).
Campaign Name
Identifies a specific product promotion or strategic campaign. Similar to Google's and Bing's Campaign Name (utm_campaign, bing_campaign).
Campaign Content
Used to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL often when running an A/B test. Similar to Google's and Bing's Campaign Content (utm_content, bing_content).
Search Terms
The keywords used by the consumer, which lead them to the landing page. Similar to Google's Campaign Term (utm_term).

Custom Input Variables

The following are configuration options (typically not collected with lead data).

Epsilon Program CodeProgram Code
Epsilon Brand Org CodeBrand Org Code
Epsilon Account SourceAccount Source
Epsilon UsernameEpsilon API Username
Epsilon PasswordEpsilon API Password
Epsilon Client IdEpsilon Client Id. Used for generating OAuth tokens
Epsilon Client SecretEpsilon Client Secret Key. Used for generating OAuth tokens
Epsilon Base UrlThe base URL for API calls. Defaults to "https://pmjn-pveapi.epsilonagilityloyalty.com" on production.
Epsilon Token PathThe URL path for token-based API calls, defaults to "/api/v1/authorization/tokens"
Epsilon Profile PathThe URL path for profile-based API calls, defaults to "/api/v1/profiles"
Epsilon Global Opt OutGlobal Opt Out
Epsilon Global Opt Out DateGlobal Opt Out Date
Epsilon Global Opt Out SourceGlobal Opt Out Source
Epsilon Language CodeLanguage Code
Epsilon Address 3Any address data not captured by Address 1 and Address 2
Epsilon Address Channel CodeAddress Channel Code
Epsilon Address Is PreferredIs this address preferred?
Epsilon Address Delivery StatusAddress Delivery Status
Epsilon Address Do Not StandardizeIf true, the address should not be standardized
Epsilon Address RemarksAddress remarks
Epsilon Email Location CodeEmail location code
Epsilon Email Is PreferredIs the email preferred?
Epsilon Email StatusEmail status
Epsilon Email Delivery StatusEmail delivery status
Epsilon Phone 1 Accepts TextsDoes Phone 1 accept texts?
Epsilon Phone 2 Accepts TextsDoes Phone 2 accept texts?
Epsilon Phone 3 Accepts TextsDoes Phone 3 accept texts?
Epsilon Phone 1 Location CodePhone 1 location code
Epsilon Phone 2 Location CodePhone 2 location code
Epsilon Phone 3 Location CodePhone 3 location code
Epsilon Phone 1 Is PreferredIs Phone 1 preferred?
Epsilon Phone 2 Is PreferredIs Phone 2 preferred?
Epsilon Phone 3 Is PreferredIs Phone 3 preferred?
Epsilon Phone 1 StatusPhone 1 status
Epsilon Phone 2 StatusPhone 2 status
Epsilon Phone 3 StatusPhone 3 status
Epsilon Phone 1 Delivery StatusPhone 1 delivery status
Epsilon Phone 2 Delivery StatusPhone 2 delivery status
Epsilon Phone 3 Delivery StatusPhone 3 delivery status
Epsilon Phone 1 Pref Contact TimePhone 1 preferred contact time
Epsilon Phone 2 Pref Contact TimePhone 2 preferred contact time
Epsilon Phone 3 Pref Contact TimePhone 3 preferred contact time
Epsilon Source CodeSource code
Epsilon Enrollment StatusEnrollment Status
Epsilon Join DateJoin Date
Epsilon Enroll Channel CodeEnrollChannelCode
Epsilon Tier CodeTier Code, defaults to "MJNUSACTIER1"
Epsilon StatusCustomer Profile Status
Epsilon Orig Activity DateOriginal Activity Date
Epsilon Activity DateActivity Date
Epsilon Pref Channel CodePreferred Channel Code
Epsilon Is Social Media ProfileIs the profile social media?
Epsilon Loyalty User IdLoyalty User Id
Epsilon Government IdGovernment ID
Epsilon Synonym NameProfile nick name
Epsilon Agree To Cookies DateDate agreed to cookies
Epsilon Agree Privacy Policy DateDate agreed to privacy policy
Epsilon Agree To Terms DateDate agreed to terms and conditions
Epsilon EthnicityEthnicity
Epsilon Pre Spoken LanguagePreferred Spoken Language
Epsilon Mom StatusMom status
Epsilon Preferred BrandProfile Preferred Brand
Epsilon Preferred ProductProfile Preferred Product
Epsilon Expecting IndIs the profile expecting a child? (Y/N)
Epsilon Caregiver Status Detail CodeThe current Detail Status Code of this person
Epsilon Agree Sample Req RulesDate agreed to sample check conditions
Epsilon Doc NumberDocument Number
Epsilon Third Party ConsentHas the profile to 3rd party consent? (Y/N)
Epsilon SpecialtyHCP Specialty
Epsilon Sub SpecialtySpecialty Sub category
Epsilon Data Source CodeConsumer/Caregiver level DataSourceCode value
Epsilon Forced Child Group IdCRC Forced Child Group ID
Epsilon Child DobChild Birth Date
Epsilon Child First NameChild First Name
Epsilon Child Middle NameChild Middle Name
Epsilon Child Last NameChild Last Name
Epsilon Child Gender CodeChild Gender Code
Epsilon Child Adoption FlagChild Adoption Flag (Y/N)
Epsilon Child Foster FlagChild Foster Flag (Y/N)
Epsilon Child Caregiver Type CodeChild Caregiver Type Code
Epsilon Child Multi Birth IndicatorMultiple Birth Indicator
Epsilon Child Premature Birth FlagChild Premature Birth Flag (Y/N)
Epsilon Child Territory CodeChild Territory Code
Epsilon Child StatusChild Status
Epsilon Child Synonym NameChild Synonym Name
Epsilon Child Preferred BrandChild Preferred Brand
Epsilon Child Preferred ProductChild Preferred Product
Epsilon Child Enroll Subscription IdChild Enroll Subscription Id
Epsilon Child Enroll DateChild Enroll Date
Epsilon Child Enroll StatusChild Enroll Status
Epsilon Child Enrollment Record StatusChild Enrollment Record Status
Epsilon Profile Alt Identifier Type CodeProfile Alt Identifier Type Code
Epsilon Profile Alt Identifier IdProfile Alt Identifier Id
Epsilon Profile Alt Identifier UsernameProfile Alt Identifier Username
Epsilon Profile Alt Identifier User DateProfile Alt Identifier User Date
Epsilon Profile Alt Identifier Last Update DateProfile Alt Identifier Last Update Date
Epsilon Profile Alt Identifier StatusProfile Alt Status
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Channel CodeProfile Subscription Channel Code
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Subscription IdProfile Subscription Subscription Id
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Opt SourceProfile Subscription Opt Source
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Opt StatusProfile Subscription Opt Status
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Brand Org CodeProfile Subscription Brand Org Code
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Activity DateProfile Subscription Activity Date
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Contact Point ValueProfile Subscription Contact Point Value
Epsilon Profile Subscriptions Email Opt Out FlagProfile Subscription Email Opt Flag
Epsilon Survey Profile Response Survey IdSurvey Id
Epsilon Survey Profile Response Question IdSurvey Question Id
Epsilon Survey Profile Response Answer IdSurvey Answer Id
Epsilon Survey Profile Response Survey Question Answer IdSurvey Question Answer Id
Epsilon Survey Profile Response Survey Response Action IdSurvey Response Action Id
Epsilon Survey Profile Response Survey Text ResponseSurvey Response Text Response
Epsilon Survey Profile Response Response DateSurvey Response Date
Epsilon Profile Activity Activity InputProfile Activity Input
Epsilon Profile Activity Activity TypeProfile Activity Type
Epsilon Profile Activity StatusProfile Activity Status
Epsilon Profile Activity Activity DateProfile Activity Date
Epsilon Profile Activity Sample RequestedProfile Activity Sample Requested
Epsilon Profile Activity Product CodeProfile Activity Product Code
Epsilon Profile Activity Product QuantityProfile Activity Product Quantity
Epsilon Utm Activity DateUTM Activity Date
Epsilon Utm Activity StatusUTM Activity Status
Timeout SecondsProduce an "error" outcome if the server fails to respond within this number of seconds (default: 360)