Thinking about switching your customer management tool or email service provider?

Add the new system to your Flow and make the cutover whenever you’re ready – there’s no need to notify your vendors of the change.

LeadConduit comes equipped with many pre-built integrations for analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) like Marketo, Velocify or Hubspot as well as Email Service Providers (ESPs) such as SendGrid. Adding one or more delivery to your flow is easy with just a little bit of configuration. In many cases we automatically standardize the data on the way out, so you spend less time mapping fields and more time acquiring leads.

Configure Integrations Right in the Interface

In those rare instances where we don’t have an integration for an existing platform or when you need to connect to your own in-house system, you can use one of our generic integration templates to configure the integration you need directly in the User Interface. Options include Form POST, JSON, XML, FTP, Batch via Email, Single lead via email, and more!

Rules-Based Logic Makes it Easy to Only Send What You Want

You can apply rules to every step in your Flow, which makes it easy to route your leads to the right systems or buyers.

Shared Reports

LeadConduit’s reports make it easy to track detailed activity for every lead that enters the system. Whether you want to dig into an issue, reconcile with a partner at the end of the month or better understand the differences between your lead sources, LeadConduit has you covered.

Outbound Field Mapping

Every system follows different field name and formatting conventions. Your CRM may use fname while your ESP expects first-name. Your lead vendor may send the entire phone number as a single field, while your CRM expects the area code to be separate. With outbound field mapping, you have the ability to map the fields to match each system, including the ability to split up fields such as phone numbers of URLs. All within the UI.