On March 28, 2017 I wrote a blog post about Jornaya’s Intelligence Plus product. After speaking with Ross Shanken (Jornaya’s Founder and CEO), I took the blog post down because he expressed that it mischaracterized the nature of the product. This was not my intention, and I removed the blog post immediately.

The primary area of confusion was the use of the term “retargeting” and “retargeting network”. Like many terms in online marketing, there is no official dictionary. Because of the different variations and definitions of retargeting networks, this term may have different meanings for different people. To help clarify, there are some fundamental differences between the typical definition of a retargeting network and Jornaya’s services: First, Jornaya doesn’t serve display ads to consumers. Jornaya allows companies to query them with information about consumers that they have already obtained through generating or purchasing their own leads. Second, when I referred to a third party network in my blog post, I was referring to Jornaya as the third party. This could have been interpreted as meaning Jornaya is sharing data with other parties. That was not my intent. What Ross told me is that Jornaya never supplies consumer identifiers to any third party and they don’t collect, store, or share PII. Finally, Ross also shared that some may have interpreted that Jornaya is triggering events or notifying parties of events, when in fact everything Jornaya provides is based on a query of a LeadiD to which they respond. It is up to their customers to instruct Jornaya to query the LeadiD and then the client takes action based on that response.

Jornaya is the best source for information about their products and services. In speaking with Ross, it is clear Jornaya is always available for open conversations about their products. Thanks to Ross for providing these clarifications and engaging in open discussions with me. Hopefully these points clear up any misunderstandings or confusion that my blog post may have caused. For those who still have residual hard copies or other versions of the blog in their possession, please do not distribute or use any further.

Ross and I have known each other for many years and have always maintained a relationship of respect, trust, and integrity. While our TrustedForm product competes with some of Jornaya’s services, ActiveProspect has built integrations with Jornaya in our LeadConduit platform to make it easy for our clients to use Jornaya’s services. If any of our clients have ever asked to use any of Jornaya’s services we have always actively supported our client’s choices and will continue to do so.