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IMDataCenter’s on-demand platform offers a variety of real-time data hygiene solutions to ensure that your customer and prospect data is completely clean and accurate.

Appended Fields

IMDataCenter will append the following data to your lead.

Appended FieldDescription
Integration outcome (success, failure, or error)
If outcome is error, the error reason
IM Datacenter Job ID
IM Datacenter response message
IM Datacenter status
Identity IDS PID
Identity IDS AID
Identity IDS HHID
Identity Name BusName
Identity Name FName
Identity Name LName
Identity Name MName
Identity NameAlias1 Prefix
Identity NameAlias1 FName
Identity NameAlias1 LName
Identity NameAlias1 MName
Identity NameAlias1 Suffix
Identity Address House
Identity Address PreDir
Identity Address Street
Identity Address StrType
Identity Address PostDir
Identity Address AptType
Identity Address AptNbr
Identity Address City
Identity Address State
Identity Address Zip
Identity Address Z4
Identity Address DPC
Identity Address CRTE
Identity Address CNTY
Identity Address Z4Type
Identity Address DPV
Identity Address Deliverable
Identity Address ValDate
Identity PreviousAddress1 House
Identity PreviousAddress1 PreDir
Identity PreviousAddress1 Street
Identity PreviousAddress1 StrType
Identity PreviousAddress1 PostDir
Identity PreviousAddress1 AptType
Identity PreviousAddress1 AptNbr
Identity PreviousAddress1 City
Identity PreviousAddress1 State
Identity PreviousAddress1 Zip
Identity PreviousAddress1 Z4
Identity PreviousAddress1 DPC
Identity PreviousAddress1 CRTE
Identity PreviousAddress1 DPV
Identity PreviousAddress2 House
Identity PreviousAddress2 PreDir
Identity PreviousAddress2 Street
Identity PreviousAddress2 StrType
Identity PreviousAddress2 PostDir
Identity PreviousAddress2 AptType
Identity PreviousAddress2 AptNbr
Identity PreviousAddress2 City
Identity PreviousAddress2 State
Identity PreviousAddress2 Zip
Identity PreviousAddress2 Z4
Identity PreviousAddress2 DPC
Identity PreviousAddress2 CRTE
Identity PreviousAddress2 DPV
Identity PreviousAddress3 House
Identity PreviousAddress3 PreDir
Identity PreviousAddress3 Street
Identity PreviousAddress3 StrType
Identity PreviousAddress3 PostDir
Identity PreviousAddress3 AptType
Identity PreviousAddress3 AptNbr
Identity PreviousAddress3 City
Identity PreviousAddress3 State
Identity PreviousAddress3 Zip
Identity PreviousAddress3 Z4
Identity PreviousAddress3 DPC
Identity PreviousAddress3 CRTE
Identity PreviousAddress3 DPV
Identity Phones Phone Phone
Identity Phones Phone PhoneType
Identity Phones Phone DID
Identity Phones Phone RecType
Identity Phones Phone IDate
Identity Phones Phone ODate
Identity Phones Phone TelcoName
Identity Phones Phone PHV
Identity Phones Phone DACode
Identity Phones Phone Score
Identity Phones Phone Category
Identity Phones Phone2 Phone
Identity Phones Phone2 PhoneType
Identity Phones Phone2 DID
Identity Phones Phone2 RecType
Identity Phones Phone2 IDate
Identity Phones Phone2 ODate
Identity Phones Phone2 TelcoName
Identity Phones Phone2 PHV
Identity Phones Phone2 DACode
Identity Phones Phone2 Score
Identity Phones Phone2 Category
Identity Phones Phone3 Phone
Identity Phones Phone3 PhoneType
Identity Phones Phone3 DID
Identity Phones Phone3 RecType
Identity Phones Phone3 IDate
Identity Phones Phone3 ODate
Identity Phones Phone3 TelcoName
Identity Phones Phone3 PHV
Identity Phones Phone3 DACode
Identity Phones Phone3 Score
Identity Phones Phone3 Category
Identity Emails Email Email
Identity Emails Email Suppression
Identity Emails Email Score
Identity Emails Email Category
Identity Emails Email Url
Identity Emails Email ODate
Identity Emails Email2 Email
Identity Emails Email2 Suppression
Identity Emails Email2 Score
Identity Emails Email2 Category
Identity Emails Email2 Url
Identity Emails Email2 ODate
Identity Emails Email3 Email
Identity Emails Email3 Suppression
Identity Emails Email3 Score
Identity Emails Email3 Category
Identity Emails Email3 Url
Identity Emails Email3 ODate
IDScores ValidAddress
IDScores ValidPhone
IDScores ValidEmail
IDScores ValidName
IDScores Deceased
IDScores NameToPhone
IDScores NameToEmail
IDScores NameToAddress
IDScores AddressToPhone
IDScores AddressToEmail
IDScores PhoneToEmail
IDScores USLocation
IDScores ValidPhone2
IDScores NameToPhone2
IDScores AddressToPhone2
IDScores Phone2ToEmail
IDScores PhoneConfidenceScore
IDScores Phone2ConfidenceScore
IDScores AddressConfidenceScore
IDScores ValidCount
IDScores LinkageCount
IDScores RiskFlagCount
IDScores ValidationSummary
IDScores LinkageSummary
IDScores RiskFlagSummary
IDScores IDVerifyScore
IDScores ValidZip
IDScores ZipToPhone
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AdditionalInformation PROP IND
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AdditionalInformation PROP EXTNW
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AdditionalInformation PROP VALCALC
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AdditionalInformation PROP IMP VALCALC
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AdditionalInformation PROP IMP VALCALC IND
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AdditionalInformation PROP ASSED VAL
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes LOR
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes Homeowner
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes DwellType
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP ACRES
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP LANDSQFT
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP YRBLD
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP LIVINGSQFT
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP RMS
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP BEDRMS
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP BATHS
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP FULLBATHS
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP HALFBATHS
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP AC
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP FRPL
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP GAR
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP HEAT
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP POOL
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP ROOFCOVER
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Attributes PROP ROOFTYPE
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AssessorDeed PROP TAXAMT
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AssessorDeed PROP RECDATE
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes AssessorDeed PROP SALEAMT
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Mortgage PROP MTGAMT
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Mortgage PROP MTGDATE
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Mortgage PROP MTGTERM
IDAttributes PropertyAttributes Mortgage PROP MTGDUEDATE
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics Gender
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics Age
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics MedYrBld
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics EHI
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics Married
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics WealthScr
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics MrktHomeVal
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics ChildCd
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics ChildNbrCd
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics MHV
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes Demographics MedSchl
IDAttributes DemographicAttributes PowerScore PurPowerScr
IDAttributes PhoneAttributes PhoneType
IDAttributes PhoneAttributes PhoneType2
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle Make
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle Model
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle Year
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle ClassCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle FuelTypeCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle MFGCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle StyleCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle Mileages
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle ODate
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 Make
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 Model
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 Year
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 ClassCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 FuelTypeCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 MFGCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 StyleCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 Mileages
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle2 ODate
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 Make
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 Model
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 Year
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 ClassCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 FuelTypeCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 MFGCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 StyleCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 Mileages
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle3 ODate
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 Make
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 Model
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 Year
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 ClassCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 FuelTypeCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 MFGCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 StyleCD
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 Mileages
IDAttributes AutoAttributes Vehicle4 ODate
IDAttributes IPAttributes IP
IDAttributes IPAttributes IPRegion
IDAttributes IPAttributes City
IDAttributes IPAttributes Zip
IDAttributes IPAttributes Latitude
IDAttributes IPAttributes Longitude
IDAttributes IPAttributes ISP
IDAttributes IPAttributes IPFrom
IDAttributes IPAttributes IPTo


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

User defined id associated with address; defaults to lead's reference or LeadConduit's generated Lead ID, if reference is missing.
First Name
Required fieldIMDataCenter needs this data to function.
First name.
Last Name
Required fieldIMDataCenter needs this data to function.
Last name.
Address 1
The first line of the address.
Address 2
First name.
Postal Code
The postal or zip code.
Phone 1
First telephone number.
Phone 2
Second telephone number.
Email address.
Ip Address

Custom Input Variables

The following are configuration options (typically not collected with lead data).

Cima Select PhvBy default CIMA will match and return high, medium, and low confidence phones. To exclude low confidence phone numbers, send "4". To limit the product to returning only high confidence phone numbers, send "3"; default is "3".
Cima Select PCOA MatchIf true, will return a newer address (if available) for the identity. False, will output the standardized input address if an address is provided; default is false.
Cima Select Phone CategoryAppend phones at an individual or household level, "I" (Individual), "H" (Household); default is "H".
Cima Select Email CategoryAppend emails at an individual or household level, "I" (Individual), "H" (Household); default is "I".
Cima Select Paa MatchIf true, provides up to 3 name aliases and previous addresses for the returned identity (if available). False, provides the most current identity name and address (no historical); default is false.
Cima Select SuppressionSuppress Email records with restrictions, True or False; default is true.
Cima Select Probabilistic FillIf true, returns inferred values for Age, Homeowner and Married Demographic attributes (if available). If false, returns deterministic values for Age, Homeowner and Married attributes; default is false.
Timeout SecondsProduce an "error" outcome if the server fails to respond within this number of seconds (default: 360)