LeadConduit Pricing

Standard Transactional Pricing
Standard Transactions Pricing
First 10,000 per month $0.05 per transaction
Next 15,000 per month $0.04 per transaction
Over 25,000 per month $0.03 per transaction
Higher volumes? Give us a call.


How does standard transactional pricing work?

Each time a lead is processed by an integration, you’ll incur a transaction cost. The cost per transaction is determined by the number of transactions you process each month.

How many standard transactions should I expect per lead?

It depends on how you have configured your lead flow in LeadConduit. There are typically two standard transactions per lead - the inbound transaction from a source and the outbound transaction to a recipient.

Where can I find a list of all your integrations?

Visit this page to see all of our integrations in one place, including our marketplace integrations.

Do I incur a standard transaction and a marketplace transaction when I use a marketplace integration?

No. Marketplace integrations incur a single transaction fee that includes the cost of the service. There is no additional standard transaction fee.