SuppressionList Pricing

Query a List
  • Identify if a record is on your list
  • Fee applies to every list queried
  • Query from LeadConduit or directly via the API
Storage Fee
  • Store records across various lists
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Share your lists with others
$.000067 record/day
($.002 per record/month)
Adding & Removing Records from List
No Cost


Can I create a pre-ping endpoint using SuppressionList?

Yes. SuppressionList allows you to create a general list for all your lead partners, a list for a group of partners, and/or a list for each partner. You are responsible for the query charges.

What if I already have a list of leads I’d like to upload to SuppressionList?

SuppressionList’s bulk upload feature allows you to upload thousands of records at a time via CSV file at no cost.

When I share a query URL with a partner, who pays for the queries?

SuppressionList account holders are charged for the queries made to their lists.

Can I set a timeframe in which older records 
are removed from my list?

Yes. Use the pruning feature to automatically remove records from your list after a set period of time. This allows you to reduce your ongoing storage costs.

When I query a group of lists, am I charged based on the number of lists in the group?

Yes. SuppressionList account holders are charged for each query made to a single list. If you query a group of lists, you’ll be charged for each query made to each list.