TrustedForm Pricing

Claim Fee
  • Video replay of form interaction
  • All intent data (lead age, time on page, etc.)
  • Real-time page scan for language
Storage Fee
  • Store certificates as long as you need
  • Quickly access certificates 24/7 via URL
  • Easily share certificates via URL
$.000067 cert/day
($.002 per certificate/month)


What kind of data do I receive when I claim a TrustedForm certificate?

During the claim process, users receive a host of data points about a particular lead. These include the amount of time a lead spent on the page, when the certificate was created, where the lead is located, and much more. Users can also scan the page for forbidden or required language and make a decision based on any of these data points in real time.

Do TrustedForm certificates expire?

TrustedForm certificates must be claimed or extended within 72-hours of creation. Once a certificate is claimed, we store it in your account for as long as you want. The default storage setting is 5 years, but you can change this timeframe in your account settings.

This pricing would be really expensive for me, is it possible to get lower rates?

We offer committed-use discounts for TrustedForm. Talk with sales to learn more!

Am I charged separately for the video replay and intent data for a lead?

No. The video replay and all intent data mentioned here is included in the cost to claim the certificate.

What happens if I cancel TrustedForm? What happens to all the certificates stored in my account?

In the event you stop claiming TrustedForm certificates, but want us to retain your old certificates, you simply continue to pay the storage fees. We don’t require that you maintain a subscription. Or you can choose to delete your old certificates. It’s up to you.

Can I download and store the certs myself so I don’t have to pay the ongoing storage fee?

TrustedForm certificates are stored on secure servers and can be accessed at any time by visiting a unique certificate URL. They cannot be downloaded. As an independent third party, one of the main benefits of TrustedForm is that it can’t be manipulated by anyone - even account holders. If we allow customers to store their own certificates, we could no longer verify the unaltered authenticity of each certificate. Therefore it would no longer be independent proof.

Why do you charge separately for TrustedForm storage?

While it may appear more complex, charging separately for storage is best for our customers as it allows you to just pay for the storage you need. Customers want to store certificates for different time-frames ranging from indefinitely to not storing at all. In the event you stop claiming TrustedForm certs, but want us to retain all of your old certificates, you simply continue to pay the storage fees. We don’t require that you maintain a TrustedForm subscription to retain your certificates.

Can I pay the storage fees up front at the time of the claim?

TrustedForm storage fees are charged on a monthly basis and cannot be paid up front. It’s cheaper for you to pay the monthly storage fee than paying for all the storage in advance at the time of the claim. In addition, by charging for storage as it’s used, we provide our customers the flexibility to easily change their storage settings. If a customer wants to reduce their storage settings, we pass on those savings. Furthermore, if a customer wants to extend their storage, we can easily accommodate the request without renegotiating the cost.