The answer to this question is going to change over time as we add features and improve functionality. So if the answer today is no, please check back. Our goal is to get to YES for all LeadConduit Classic customers eventually.

Who is the primary target customer of the new LeadConduit?

We are currently focused on lead buyers. Currently LeadConduit Classic supports all players in the ecosystem – sellers, brokers/agencies/networks, and buyers. While we plan to also support all of these roles in the new LeadConduit, currently we are focused on the needs of lead buyers.

What are some examples of things LeadConduit can do that LeadConduit Classic can’t?

  • Accept incoming leads in wide variety of methods. The inbound integrations allow you to receive leads from vendors with whom LeadConduit previously couldn’t integrate.
  • No character limits on fields. For example, if you have a comments field where consumers want to write a novel – we can handle it.
  • Vary acceptance criteria by lead source.
  • Use advanced rules-based logic to block bad leads. You can block a lead if both phone and email are bad but let it through if either are good.
  • Filter leads based on any combination of 3rd party data. For example, you can create a rule to filter a lead if BriteVerify says the email is bad, Telesign says the phone number is a mobile number, and TrustedForm says your TCPA disclosure wasn’t displayed to the consumer.
  • Identify leads with certain attributes without invalidating them. For example, in LeadConduit Classic, duplicates are marked invalid and aren’t delivered. In LeadConduit you can identify a duplicate and continue processing. You can then pass this lead on to a different department since they are an existing customer. Another example, you can identify bad numbers and email addresses and still pass the lead into your CRM.
  • Advanced de-duplication logic. Block leads if either the phone or the email is a duplicate. Seed and externally update your dupe check list. Deduplicate leads across your entire account.

Who were the early adopters of new LeadConduit?

Some of the first customers to use the new LeadConduit are in the mortgage industry. They are a good fit for a couple of reasons:
1) Inbound Integrations. Many of mortgage lead providers will only send their leads according to their own specifications. Those vendors couldn’t post their leads into LeadConduit Classic. Since new LeadConduit has inbound integrations, we built inbound integrations specifically for these vendors.
2) Standardized data fields. Mortgage leads have a lot of data fields, yet there is no standardization of these fields for the mortgage industry as a whole. Different vendors define similar fields in different ways and pass different values. The result is a mess for lead buyers. The standardized set of mortgage fields in LeadConduit allows our customers to define rules and make decisions using a known and consistent data set.

Other customers we have transitioned because of specific functionality that wasn’t supported in LeadConduit Classic. For example, one customer needed support for fields that could support greater than 256 characters.

What LeadConduit Classic features aren’t currently supported in the new LeadConduit, (but will be)?

If any of these features are critical to you, you will have to wait a little longer. However, these are things we know we need:

  • Volume caps: While not available yet, they will be much better than before. We will allow you to cap the number of leads based on the values in the lead data. For example, you could cap the number of leads from a particular state.
  • Time of day acceptance criteria
  • Delivery delays: Right now everything is real-time, so we don’t have a way to delay the delivery of a lead until a later point in time.
  • Automated retry mechanism
  • Delivery trouble monitoring
  • Synchronous / asynchronous delivery switch
  • Lead pricing and financial reporting
  • Batch import and export
  • Return & Conversion reporting
  • Search leads
  • Send a test lead

What LeadConduit Classic features aren’t going to be supported in new LeadConduit?

  • Campaigns: The concept of a campaign has been replaced with a lead flow. It’s the same idea, but much more powerful.
  • Campaign sharing: A campaign could be shared from one account to another and only the campaign owner could make changes. In new LeadConduit, each account will have their own flow. Flows can be easily connected together between accounts.
  • Creative materials: We provided a way to upload images that would be used to build out a form that is hosted by lead vendors. This feature was rarely used so we don’t plan to retain it.
  • Free accounts: Free accounts primarily existed for reporting reasons. We have a new method of sharing reports without accounts.
  • Affiliate Sign-up Process: With no free accounts, we’ve eliminated the tedious sign-up process for partners.
  • Campaign Acceptance Criteria – Custom Script: You can now configure advanced rules-based acceptance criteria directly in the UI, so there’s no need to write custom scripts.