Everything LeadConduit Classic customers need to know about the new LeadConduit

We know you have lots of questions, so we tried to answer them all here. If we missed anything, please contact your account manager or send an email to support.

You are in control – nothing changes for you (unless of course, you want to change)

The release of the new LeadConduit has no effect on your current LeadConduit Classic account. LeadConduit Classic is not going away. Everything about your LeadConduit Classic will stay the same – working the same way it always has. It will continue this way. The new LeadConduit is completely separate from LeadConduit Classic. In addition to the frequently asked questions below, please see these two articles to learn more about the new LeadConduit:

What is different about new LeadConduit?

Is new LeadConduit a good fit for us?

General FAQs

Do we have to switch to the new LeadConduit?

No! If you think the new LeadConduit is a better fit for your needs, we welcome you to switch. However, you don’t have to switch. We have no plans to phase out LeadConduit Classic.

Are you going to continue supporting LeadConduit Classic?

Absolutely! Most of our customers use LeadConduit Classic. We will continue to support it 24x7x365. While we will continue to support it from an operations perspective, we don’t plan any significant feature enhancements to the product.

Since you are renaming the original LeadConduit as LeadConduit Classic, does that name change affect where I access the product?

Yes, starting March 1st, 2016 LeadConduit Classic users will log in at https://classic.leadconduit.com.

Do I need to notify my vendors that the posting instructions are changing because of this name change?

No, your old postings instructions will continue to work. However, the posting URL in your posting instructions will change from:

https://app.leadconduit.com/v2/PostLeadAction to https://classic.leadconduit.com/v2/PostLeadAction

Both URLs will continue to work.

Do both versions have the same URL? How do I access each product?

As of March 1st, 2016, the products will be at two separate locations:

Each uses separate login credentials.

I’ve been hearing about the new LeadConduit for a while, is anyone using it?

Yes, we have customers that have been using it for their production lead flow since late 2014. In that time many new customers have begun using it andquite a few of our existing customers have migrated to leverage its new functionality.

Do I need to create a new login credentials for the new LeadConduit?

Yes. All of our services, except LeadConduit Classic, rely on ActiveProspect ID, our Single Sign-On (SSO) service. If you have an ActiveProspect ID, you can access the new LeadConduit with those credentials. LeadConduit Classic has an entirely separate user login system.

Can we use both versions of LeadConduit at the same time?

Yes, you can. We expect many of our customers to use both products simultaneously.

What are some scenarios in which I would want to use both products?

We expect LeadConduit Classic customers to use the new LeadConduit as an endpoint for real-time decisions about leads. By using a single delivery destination in a LeadConduit Classic campaign to hit the new LeadConduit, you can make complex decisions about whether or not you want to accept a lead using a variety of data services.

If we use both versions of LeadConduit, do we have to pay for both?

For LeadConduit Classic customers, we are waiving minimum subscription fees in the new LeadConduit. As long as you have a LeadConduit Classic subscription, you will only be charged for usage in the new LeadConduit (no monthly minimums).

Furthermore, if you are just using the new LeadConduit as a real-time endpoint for decisions about leads (based on services you purchase from us such as BriteVerify, Telesign, TowerData, etc.) we won’t charge you for your LeadConduit usage.

Is the pricing the same between the products?

No. We are handling pricing in the new LeadConduit a little differently. In LeadConduit Classic we price based on the number of leads submitted into your account. In the new LeadConduit, pricing is based on the volume of transactions processed in your account.Transactions are between your LeadConduit account and an external system (a lead entering or leaving your account). Typically there are 2 transactions per lead.

If I migrate to the new LeadConduit, can we bring our existing configuration with us?

Since LeadConduit Classic and the new LeadConduit are fundamentally different products, we will not offer any automated migration services. Things have to be reconfigured from scratch in the new LeadConduit, though many complex setups in LeadConduit Classic should be simpler in the new LeadConduit. However, we can help with the process (or even do it on your behalf).

Do I have to notify my lead vendors when I move to the new LeadConduit? What will they need to do?

Yes. You will need to ask your vendors to update their lead submission process by following a new set of posting instructions to start posting to your new LeadConduit account.

How will you handle training for the new version?

Our client services team will be with you at every step of your transition. We also will be adding Pay As You Go support documentation, webinars, and online videos. If you anticipate needing ongoing support, discounted pre-paid packages are available.

How do I get started on the new LeadConduit?

Simply contact your client services account manager or Support.