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Consent-Based Marketing: A Better Approach to Customer Acquisition

Everything you need about Consent-Based Marketing and how to take your business to the next level.

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Reliable Source Data: Your Lead Optimization Superpower

Uncover the true sources of the leads you buy.

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Getting to Know You: The Three Elements of Understanding Your Prospects

Discover how deeper insights on each of these three elements can help you optimize your lead acquisition efforts.

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Essential Guide to Gaining & Proving Consent for TCPA Compliance

The TCPA requires you to gain express written consent of each person you call. And you may be doing this... but can you prove it?

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Inquir's Solution to Higher Education Lead Compliance

Find out how Inquir embraced ActiveProspect as the solution to their lead compliance and optimization challenges.

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A Solution to Insurance Lead Optimization & Compliance

Learn how Fortegra took advantage of the ActiveProspect platform to create a new lead optimization and compliance solution.

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DailySale Grew Opt-In Email Subscribers 30x Using ActiveProspect

Discover how implementing the ActiveProspect not only helped to solve these challenges, but was also able to save DailySale 44% in unnecessary media spend.

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Tips for Improving Contact & Conversion Rates

Whether your focus is personal loans, mortgages, credit repair, debt settlement or warranties, you need to be employing best practices to stay ahead of the competition.

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Call Center Strategies for 2021: How to Chase the Right Leads and Set More Appointments

Lead optimization provider ActiveProspect and contractor messaging app Hatch have teamed up to tackle these common call center challenges so you can put time and money back in your pocket in 2021.

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Opting In: How a Changing Compliance Landscape Will Impact Higher Ed Marketing in 2021

Learn the tools you need to navigate compliance, provide transparency and build trust. How to best document consumer consent and reduce risk.

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Reach More Customers For Financial Services: Trends, Tips & Insights from the Experts

In our panel discussion, alongside industry experts at ActiveProspect, we will tackle these top frustrations and how to combat them with the 3 Cs: consent, compliance & contact rates.

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