Transaction-Based Billing


LeadConduit pricing is based on billable transactions. A billable transaction is an event between LeadConduit and an outside service–when a lead enters or leaves your account. Examples of a billable transaction include a lead being submitted into your LeadConduit account from your website or a lead being sent from your LeadConduit account to your CRM or ESP. We bill this way to accommodate the diverse set of use cases for which customers use LeadConduit.

We do not bill for transactions between your LeadConduit account and other ActiveProspect products like SuppressionList or TrustedForm, which we consider to be internal transactions. You simply pay for the usage of those services — there are no billable LeadConduit transactions.

We’ve partnered with many third-party companies, allowing us to sell their services to you directly, eliminating the need to charge per transaction. We call these Marketplace Integrations. For example, if you purchase validation or data enhancement services like BriteVerify, Telesign or TowerData through LeadConduit, you will simply pay the transaction cost shown to you in the product. There will not be a separate LeadConduit transaction charge.


TrustedForm pricing is based on the number of certificates you claim each month and the number of certificates stored in your account. Claim transactions are billed at the time you claim a TrustedForm Certificate. Storage costs are tabulated and charged once a day.


SuppressionList pricing is based on the number of times SuppressionList is queried plus the number of records stored across all of your lists. We do not charge per list nor for the number of query URLs you give to your providers, though the queries that they generate on those URLs are included in your cost. Query transactions are charged at the time the query hits SuppressionList. We tabulate the number of records stored and charge for those once a day.

Monthly Minimum

There is a $10 monthly minimum, which you can reach with any combination of our services. If you spend less than $10 in a month, we’ll only charge the difference between the minimum and what you used. For example, if you used $8.50 worth of services in July, we would charge you $1.50 on July 31st. If you did not have any transactions in July, but have a balance in your account, we would charge you the full $10.


As you use our services (LeadConduit, Marketplace Integrations, SuppressionList or TrustedForm) we draw down your account balance with each transaction. As a part of this sign up process, you will need to pre-fill your account balance with $50 so you can get started right away.


Auto-refill is not enabled by default, but we strongly recommend you enable it so you never have to worry about losing your leads. If your balance drops below $10, your account will automatically be charged, adding $50. You can modify the amount or disable this functionality at any time by visiting the auto-refill section in your account settings.

Cancellation and Refund

Our goal is for you to be thrilled with our services. To cancel your account, simply make sure auto-refill is disabled. We’ll send you a reminder before we delete your data just to double-check – that’s it. Read our Pay As You Go Account Refund Policy for details on how to receive a refund of your available wallet balance.