Integrations are core to the functionality of LeadConduit. Integrations are used to Capture, Enhance and Deliver leads in real-time.


Using LeadConduit’s library of inbound integrations, you can capture leads automatically from any source – including your own web forms. LeadConduit is integrated with hundreds of lead vendors, so you can scale your offers quickly without custom dev work.

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Get additional information on your leads using any 3rd party data service. This data can be used to make real time decisions on your leads – such as filtering or delivering based on custom logic.

We use the term “enhancement” to cover any type of integration where additional information is being appended to a lead. Examples include: Lead Scoring, Phone verification, email verification, address verification, lead certification, and more.

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Integrate all of your lead sources with the systems you use to contact your leads. Leads can be routed based on rules to different systems or buyers.

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