ActiveProspect Pricing


Our pricing is designed to fit the needs of all types of customers with account plan minimums ranging from $250/month for Monthly to $5,000/month for Enterprise. Account plans define our working relationship.


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Volume discounts

Discounts trigger with increased usage

Committed-use discounts

Talk with our sales team for pricing discounts with a contracted account plan
Do you process over 10,000 leads per month? Please contact us to determine the best plan for your needs.


Real-time integration platform for lead enhancement and decision making. A transaction fee is incurred each time a lead is processed by an integration on the platform. There are two types of transaction fees: standard and marketplace.

Standard Transactional Pricing
  • Default pricing for all LeadConduit integrations
  • Use any of our 50+ integrations or build your own
  • Typically 2 transactions per lead
Starting at $.05/transaction
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Marketplace Transactional Pricing
  • Special integrations for enhancement services
  • Purchased directly within LeadConduit
  • The fee for these integrations includes the cost of the service
Varies by service
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Lead certification for independent proof of consent. A fee is charged for each certificate claimed and an ongoing monthly storage fee for all certificates stored in your account.

TrustedForm Pricing
  • Video replay of form interaction
  • All intent data (lead age, time on page, etc.)
  • Real-time page scan for language
  • Each certificate's first 30 days of storage are free
Starting at $.10/claim + storage
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Real-time API to instantly check a lead against your lists. A fee is charged each time you query your list and 
an ongoing storage fee for all records stored in your account.

SuppressionList Pricing
  • No fee for adding and deleting records
  • Fee applies to every list queried
  • Share lists with unlimited partners
Starting at $.01/query + storage
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Does it matter how many users we have?

No, we don’t price based on seats or named users. You can add as many users as you want to your account at no additional cost.

I’m starting small, can you help me?

Yes, you can purchase services on a month-to-month basis and add new services as you need them. As your business grows, you can move up to higher level account plans. The more you commit to us, the more we commit to you.

My lead volume is low, but I work for a big company that requires the stuff that only comes with an enterprise account. What should I do?

We try to provide as many options as possible to meet your needs. Perhaps you should consider putting the account on a credit card and expensing it. If you truly require the type of relationship that is provided with an Enterprise Plan, talk to our sales team to discuss your situation.

Your pricing seems too expensive for my situation, anything you can do?

Give us a call and explain your situation. We’ll put 
together a custom quote based on your needs.

Can I purchase 3rd party services like email and phone verification from ActiveProspect?

Yes, we have partnered with a variety of best-of-breed data enhancement partners, called “Marketplace Integrations”. These are services that can be purchased directly from us within LeadConduit.

We have specific needs in working with our vendors, I need you to carry specific insurance and to undergo a security audit. Can you meet those types of requirements?

Yes, our Enterprise Plan covers the cost of these corporate requirements, special billing needs and legal requirements.

Does it matter how many campaigns or partners I have?