Protect Yourself From TCPA Litigation

If you contact consumers on their mobile phone, you could be liable for $1,500.00 for every call or text. That adds up fast.

What is the TCPA?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires 
prior express written consent for texts or calls made to mobile phones using auto-dialers or pre-recorded messages.

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Consent to Call? Internet Leads & the TCPA

Litigation is on the rise

The word is out - the TCPA represents easy money for people ranging from angry consumers to class action litigators. Multi-million dollar settlements are common. To make matters worse, suits can be filed for perceived violations up to 4 years after the date of contact.

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“ActiveProspect is a tremendous partner. I sleep better at night knowing TrustedForm is powering the front end of our business from a compliance standpoint.”

- Capwest Mortgage

ActiveProspect provides a comprehensive TCPA Compliance Solution for internet leads

A comprehensive TCPA Compliance Solution involves 4 components:

  • Consent Verification & Documentation

  • Right Party Verification

  • Fraud Detection

  • Litigator Scrub

Consent Verification & Documentation

Was the lead acquired on a form with the proper legal disclosures and can you prove it?

Businesses must verify and document proof of consent to avoid potential litigation. Learn more

Right Party Verification (RPV)

Is the phone a mobile number and does it belong to the person that submitted it?

If you are calling the wrong phone number, this can create legal liability.

Fraud Detection

Was the lead submitted by a fraudulent entity such as a bot or a click farm?

If a bot submits a lead, the person you are calling never gave consent.

TCPA Litigator Scrub

Are you about to call a serial TCPA litigator?

Check phone numbers against lists of known TCPA litigators before calling.

LeadConduit pulls it all together

in a real-time lead flow

Use your choice of best-of-breed services to create the ideal custom lead flow for your needs.

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