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Case Studies

DMi Partners’ Solution to Improved Onboarding & Validation of Email Subscribers

Find out how DMi Partners increased their client onboarding speed, number of new integrations, and improved data quality with the ActiveProspect platform

Solving the Lead Qualification Challenge in the Mortgage Refinancing Space

Mortgage lenders face significant challenges when it comes to finding qualified leads for their refinancing programs. Learn how this Top 10 lender solved their problems with ActiveProspect:

Meredith’s Path To Scaling Newsletter Subscriber Acquisition Efforts

Learn how Meredith implemented ActiveProspect to easily onboard and test new partners, protect their database from bad emails, and eliminate manual newsletter subscriber capturing processes

SafeStreets’ Solution To Staying Ahead Of The Competition With Cutting-Edge Home Services Technology

SafeStreets needed to bring their demand generation in line with their cutting-edge customer experience. They reached out to ActiveProspect to make it happen

Inquir’s Solution to Higher Education Lead Compliance

Find out how Inquir embraced ActiveProspect as the solution to their lead compliance and optimization challenges.

DailySale Grew Opt-In Email Subscribers 30x Using ActiveProspect

Discover how implementing the ActiveProspect not only helped to solve these challenges, but was also able to save DailySale 44% in unnecessary media spend.

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