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Managing Data For An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

This whitepaper explores the common challenges & hidden costs of acquiring new opt-in email subscribers, and an approach to solving these issues.

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Checklist: Building An In-House Solution vs. LeadConduit

Does your most cost-effective lead management solution lie in-house or with LeadConduit? Download our checklist to find out!

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Real-Time Lead Decisions: How They Work and Why It Matters

With new technology, you can start rejecting leads in real time -- saving your company both money and hassle, while helping you build better vendor relationships.

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Consent-Based Marketing: A Better Approach to Customer Acquisition

Everything you need about Consent-Based Marketing and how to take your business to the next level.

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Reliable Source Data: Your Lead Optimization Superpower

Learn why lead source data is so important, and how ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm solution will revolutionize your lead budgeting and optimization.

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Getting to Know You: The Three Elements of Understanding Your Prospects

Discover how deeper insights on each of these three elements can help you optimize your lead acquisition efforts.

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Essential Guide to Gaining & Proving Consent for TCPA Compliance

The TCPA requires you to gain express written consent of each person you call. And you may be doing this... but can you prove it?

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