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HomeAdvisor's industry-leading partner program offers qualified leads or calls.

Response Fields

LeadConduit returns the following data to the lead source.

Response FieldDescription
Outcome of the lead
If the outcome is failure, this is the reason
Lead ID


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

First NameFirst name
Middle NameMiddle name
Last NameLast name
SalutationPreferred salutation
Name SuffixThe suffix of a lead's name ('Sr.', 'III', 'PhD', etc.)
Address 1Address 1
Postal CodePostal code
Phone 1Phone 1
Phone 2Phone 2
EmailEmail address
ProductProduct name
CommentsCustomer comments
ReferenceUnique business identifier identifying your business account(s) in the HomeAdvisor system
PriceThe price of the lead
Original SourceLead source
Trustedform Cert UrlTrustedForm Cert URL
Homeadvisor Sr IdHomeAdvisor's unique job identifier
Homeadvisor Lead IdHomeAdvisor's unique identifier for the lead
Homeadvisor Task IdHomeAdvisor's objective product identifier
Homeadvisor Match TypeMatch type: 'exact' or 'market'
Homeadvisor Lead DescriptionDescription of lead
Homeadvisor Task NameHomeAdvisor's readable product name (for presentation only)
Homeadvisor Contact StatusContact status of the lead when our Advisors tried to contact (Not Contacted, New Appt - Transferred, New Appt - Not Transferred, New Appt - Unable to Reach You)
Homeadvisor InterviewDelimited question & answer presentation for interview data
Homeadvisor Internal Company NameYour business name(s) in the HomeAdvisor system
Homeadvisor Internal Company IdThe unique business identifier identifying your business accounts in your system
Homeadvisor Crm KeyA unique CRM platform identifier
Homeadvisor Appointment IdHomeAdvisor's unique identifier for IB appointments
Homeadvisor Appointment External IdHomeAdvisor-specific identifier for this appointment.
Homeadvisor Appointment StatusStatus of appointment
Homeadvisor Appointment TypeType of appointment: 'service' or 'estimate'
Homeadvisor Appointment Event IdCalendar event id
Homeadvisor Appointment StartAppointment start date/time
Homeadvisor Appointment EndAppointment end date/time