Consent for today; Compliance always

At ActiveProspect, we deeply value privacy and security and are constantly working to ensure that these principles are a priority in all of the products and services we provide.



Failing to meet our expectations is concerning and doesn't prioritize digital consumer privacy, a core tenet of our mission at ActiveProspect. Given the frequent coverage of data security issues in the news, we are deeply committed to ensuring our customers' data is protected and empowering consent-based marketing practices.

ActiveProspect does not sell customer website webform data or personal data to other parties. We are a service provider processing customer-owned or customer-directed data under contracted terms and on behalf of customers. We do not sell customer consent to contact transaction personal data to third parties for any other marketing purposes including online behavioral cross-context behavioral advertising or targeted advertising. Our data intended use is for consent to contact transaction documentation, data validation, and related data analysis use purposes only.

Our commitment to privacy

We do not sell personal data or use it for any purpose beyond the contracted processing, analysis, or transfer services. Unlike others, we commit to:

Information transparency

Understand the what, why, and how we collect data on our website.

Secure data use

Be assured that your contributions are transmitted securely.

Automatic data collection transparency

Automatic data collection technologies track necessary data for a personalized experience. Nothing more. Ever.

Why choose ActiveProspect?

  • Compliance made easy: No hidden gimmicks. We clearly outline the information we collect and how it's used, focused on compliance with data privacy regulations and consent to contact requirements such as TCPA and TSR.
  • Consent driven: ActiveProspect empowers you to manage lead generation, consent to contact transactions effectively, enhancing transparency and building trust with your customers.
  • Proven expertise: With 20 years of experience and a stellar track record, ActiveProspect has earned the trust of thousands of businesses worldwide.
  • Unparalleled security: Your information is never sold. It is protected with cutting-edge technology and robust reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access and breaches.
  • Innovation: ActiveProspect is constantly evolving to keep you ahead of the compliance and data privacy curve..
  • REACH member: Proud member of the Reasonable Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment (R.E.A.C.H.) organization.

What we collect and why

We help customers make more informed and compliant decisions about outreach to individuals who consent to be contacted by email, text message, phone call, or postal mail. ActiveProspect ensures you are informed every step of the way. Our data collection process includes:


Registration, subscription, or service requests via forms

Image 9

Marketing, newsletters, and education communications

Image 10

Engagement data for contests or promotions

Image 11

Problem report submissions

Image 12

Survey responses for research enhancement

Image 13

Transaction details for orders placed

Image 14

Browsing behavior for site optimization

Image 15

Analytics to personalize and improve our services

  • Registration, subscription, or service requests via forms
  • Marketing, newsletters, and education communications.
  • Engagement data for contests or promotions
  • Problem report submissions
  • Survey responses for research enhancement
  • Transaction details for orders placed
  • Browsing behavior for site optimization
  • Analytics to personalize and improve our services

Routine penetration testing

We perform routine security penetration testing on our SaaS platform services. Pen Tests involve independent security services and individuals who scan our application looking for weaknesses and ways to access the application or data. Findings are shared in a detailed report and we work to address and resolve findings from the penetration tests promptly.


Consent today; compliance always

We invest in R&D to stay ahead of trends and ensure our clients have cutting-edge solutions. Adhering to SOC 2 standards and ongoing employee training, ActiveProspect maintains top data security and confidentiality, demonstrating a proactive commitment to compliance and protection in a dynamic digital landscape.

For the legally inclined, please review our comprehensive privacy policy that outlines further details of our commitment to protecting your data.

ActiveProspect attests to a series of security, availability, and confidentiality internal controls, continuously monitored and independently audited to our SOC2 controls report annually. If you would like to learn more about our security controls and policy procedures, please view our Security & Trust Portal.

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