TrustedForm Masked Certificates - ActiveProspect

Lead sellers:

Take control with
masked certificates

Prove you are providing authentic and compliant leads without revealing your sites.

Masked certificates
mask site information

Masked certificates are copies of standard certificates except the site information (site URL, page snapshot, and session replay) have been masked. There is no information included on the certificate that reveals the site where the lead originated.

How it works:

  • 1

    Claim the
    standard certificate

  • 2

    Capture the masked URL from the TrustedForm response

  • 3

    Pass the masked certificate
    to your lead buyer


You decide whether you want to share the standard certificate or masked certificate on a case by case basis. The standard certificates are stored in your account. Your buyer can only see the standard certificate if you provide it to them.

Buyers still receive
critical information

  • They receive all of the other data displayed on the certificate
  • They receive a masked source domain name that's consistent across all leads generated on the same domain
  • They can scan the page for required/forbidden text to verify presence of TCPA disclosures, but cannot see the page itself

See a Demo

We'll send you a masked certificate to see for yourself.

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