An Integrated TCPA Toolkit: Track, Scrub, Confirm, Repeat

Do you purchase data leads or transfer calls? Are you confident in your compliance process when remarketing to these consumers? Creating a business model that is not only compliant but also cost effective and scalable can be challenging.

In our panel discussion, alongside industry experts at DNC and Retreaver, we will tackle these top compliance frustrations and provide solutions on implementing an ultimate TCPA toolkit to battling these compliance challenges with an integrated approach!

What you will learn:

  • TCPA in the new
  • Documenting express written consent
  • Enhance your leads with new data points
  • Litigator tricks on inbound leads and removing scam likely CallerID labelling
  • Automate call routing and decision making while taking advantage of live data provided by TrustedForm and
  • Understanding the importance of an integrated approach