Ben Farrar joins Decrypted Unscripted to discuss consent-based marketing solutions

Ben Farrar, Director of Data, Privacy, and Compliance at ActiveProspect joins the Decrypted, Unscripted podcast to discuss the safety benefits of ActiveProspect’s platform and to detail how companies can minimize risks involving data breach regulations.

During the episode, Ben covers topics including:

  • How to leverage TrustedForm for buying, selling, and generating leads
  • How ActiveProspect places a premium on data protection
  • How LeadConduit can effectively help lower cost-per-lead

Listen to the episode to learn more about how consent-based marketing can become your best method for customer acquisition.

About the Show:

Decrypted Unscripted is hosted by Perkins Coie partners David Biderman and Andrew Pak who examine the privacy landscape, from regulatory developments to litigation trends. They explore strategies for compliance with evolving privacy laws through unscripted conversations with C-suite execs, regulators, and leading privacy and data security professionals. These timely discussions are essential listening for anyone managing data as a pre-tangible asset and preparing vigorous defenses against the next wave of privacy and data security class actions.

On this episode, Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Ruffins filled in as a guest host to interview Ben.