Ben Farrar joins Privacy Please to discuss navigating the privacy landscape and to share insights into consent-based marketing

Ben Farrar, Director of Data, Privacy, and Compliance, joins the Privacy Please Podcast to discuss an array of privacy and security topics, and how ActiveProspect can empower companies through a consent-based marketing approach.

During the episode, Ben covers:

  • His unique career of combining data regulation, data privacy, auditing, and compliance
  • What is consent-based marketing?
  • The benefits of compliance and risk management
  • Misconceptions surrounding data privacy
  • The intersection of intent and consent
  • Predictions for the privacy and security space for 2023
  • A fun personal Q&A where Ben weighs in on

Listen to the episode to learn more about how consent-based marketing can become your most efficient and safest method for customer acquisition.

About the Show:

Hosted by Spirion’s Cameron Ivey & Gabe Gumbs, Privacy Please is a genuine and informative podcast about data privacy and security. Privacy Please is a reliable place for best practices, interviews, belly laughs, and real stories from some of the most influential people in the industry.