How To Invest in Better Financial Service Leads

Tracy Laney, National Sales Director for Financial Services at ActiveProspect, joins Jason Cutter on the Scalable Call Center Sales Podcast to discuss the evolution of the financial services industry and how brands in that space can improve lead quality and ROI with consent-based marketing.

  • During the episode, Tracy covers topics including:
  • How to boost retention rates with TrustedForm data
  • How to improve ROI with a simplified tech stack
  • How to protect your business with consent-based marketing

Listen to the episode to learn more about how consent-based marketing can be a solution for your financial services business.

About the Show:
The mission of the Scalable Call Center Sales with Jason Cutter Podcast is to provide call center owners and leaders with the tools for building scalable sales operations. With over 18 years of sales operations experience, Jason Cutter is the founder and CEO of Cutter Consulting Group. He’s the author of Selling with Authentic Persuasion as well as the A Sales Consultant’s Guide To series and the host of The Authentic Persuasion Show.