Right Place, Right Prospects: Using Data & Tech to Put the Right Leads in Your Sales Funnel

Do you find yourself struggling to capture and nurture high-quality leads? It’s a common problem for many businesses, but we have the solution you’ve been searching for.

ActiveProspect and Faraday collaborated to present an exclusive webinar to help you say goodbye to tiresome manual processes and hello to effortless lead confirmation, data enrichment, and lead prioritization. In this webinar, industry experts share their insights and strategies for improving lead acquisition and conversion efforts. You’ll discover why companies are embracing consent-based marketing, learn the essential first-party and third-party data for prioritizing leads, and explore the power of machine learning predictions in lead generation.

Here’s what the webinar will cover:

  • Why companies are implementing consent-based marketing and predictive lead scoring systems into their lead management stacks
  • What first-party and third-party data you need to accurately assess and prioritize leads from multiple sources
  • How to leverage machine learning predictions in your stack to enhance your lead generation and conversion efforts
  • How to maintain compliance while acquiring and converting leads

Charles Bryson, Director of Enterprise & Channel Solutions @ Faraday
Cara DiValerio, Client Success Manager @ ActiveProspect
Phoebe Pinder, Sales Director @ ActiveProspect