Ruben Ugarte joins the Channel Automation Podcast to share valuable insights on how to improve lead generation strategies while maintaining compliance

Ruben Ugarte, National Sales Director for Home Services at ActiveProspect, joins the Channel Automation Podcast to discuss the importance of compliance in lead generation and marketing campaigns.

During the episode, Ruben and the hosts delve into:

  • Common compliance mistakes
  • Different levels of digital marketing
  • The importance of being an advocate for the customer
  • The comprehensive benefits of ActiveProspect’s consent-based marketing platform

Listen to the episode, “How to get ALL data on leads you buy with Ruben Ugarte,” to learn more about how ActiveProspect can help you scale customer acquisition, without sacrificing compliance.

About the Show:

KC Urias, Chief of Operations at Channel Automation, hosts the Channel Automation Podcast for digital marketers who are looking to learn how to maximize their marketing results through the power of automation and innovation. The podcast features different guests and explores strategies for compliance with evolving privacy laws through unscripted conversations with C-suite execs, regulators, and leading privacy and data security professionals.