Sync and Swim Your LinkedIn Leads With LeadsBridge Integrations

LinkedIn is an invaluable lead generation resource and most businesses are familiar with the benefits associated with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. But did you know you can also retarget audiences and attribute events with new LinkedIn ad products like Offline Conversions?

By syncing LinkedIn and LeadsBridge, you can optimize your entire LinkedIn advertising strategy by incorporating several different integrations to further nurture your leads throughout their life cycle.

Here’s what this webinar covers: 

  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • How LeadsBridge can help nurture your leads
  • How to take advantage of LinkedIn’s full suite of advertising products
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn advertising strategy


  • Christian Goss – Product Manager @ ActiveProspect
  • Baaber Malik – Customer Solutions Engineer @ LinkedIn
  • Sanjay Melwani – Sr. Partner Manager @ LinkedIn
  • Marialuisa Aldeghi – LeadsBridge Sr. Content Writer @ActiveProspect