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Instantly check a lead against any list.

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SuppressionList is a product for checking your leads against any list in real-time. It makes it easy to identify duplicates as soon as the user submits the form and allows you to house any type of list you'd want to check when making real-time decisions about your leads.

Examples of Lists

Our customers maintain lists for any number of use cases, including:

  • All Prospects
  • Current Customers
  • Lapsed Customers
  • Zip Codes of Sales Regions
  • Leads Purchased From a Vendor
  • Do Not Contact Phone Numbers
  • Opt-Out Email Addresses
  • Profanity, Fake Names or Seed Contacts

Key Features & Benefits

  • Sophisticated Duplicate Checking

    Save time and money by quickly identifying if the lead is a duplicate or on a do not contact list.
  • Unlimited Lists

    Use as many different lists as you need to help you comply with do not contact regulations and avoid duplicate leads.
  • Pre-Ping / Query URLs

    Want to learn more about Pre-Ping? We have more detail available for lead buyers and publishers alike.
  • Secure

    Every item added to SuppressionList is MD5 hashed before it is added. Nothing is stored in the clear. Plain text queries are hashed, so you don’t need to worry about hashing it yourself.
  • Flexible Data Types

    SuppressionList can store any type of data that you want to match against - phone numbers, email addresses, zip codes, sales regions and more.
  • Automatic List Pruning

    You can set an automatic expiry period on each of your lists. SuppressionList will automatically delete records once they are older than the timeframe you’ve set, keeping your lists clean.
  • Timestamped Records

    When SuppressionList finds a matching record, it will include the date and time that record was added to the list, so you can make decisions based on the age of the initial entry. This makes it easy to keep a comprehensive list of leads without sacrificing flexibility to meet different business requirements.
  • Lightning Fast API

    The SuppressionList API allows you to query and append to one or more lists and receive a response in milliseconds, even if your lists are comprised of millions of records.
  • Atomic List Updates

    You can wholesale replace an entire list using a file upload, even if that list is being actively queried. SuppressionList won't skip a beat. It'll seamlessly swap out the old list for the new one. This is useful for people whose have a list that is provided by a third party on a periodic basis.

Pay for What You Use

The number of times SuppressionList is queried plus the number of records stored across all of your lists. We do not charge per list, nor for the number of query URLs you give to your providers, though the queries that the generate on those URLs are included in your cost. Learn more.