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Claiming TrustedForm Certificates

What is a claim?

  • A claim is when a TrustedForm certificate is captured in your account.
  • The claim process includes a variety of other functions outlined below.
  • Certificates not claimed or extended within 72 hours of creation are permanently deleted.
  • TrustedForm pricing is based on claims.

Features of claiming

  • Verify the certificate is authentic and matches the lead

  • Store the certificate in your account (cert URLs are stored in your database)

  • Append the data provided by TrustedForm to your lead for real-time decisions

  • Scan the page where the lead was captured for required/forbidden language

  • Pass masked certificates to your lead buyers to mask the site of origin

  • Store reference data on the certificate (vendor name, lead id, etc.)

Advantages of claiming
via LeadConduit

There are a variety of advantages of using
LeadConduit for the claim process:

  • No technical knowledge required
    Just add the TrustedForm integration to your lead flow.
  • Make real-time decisions on leads
    Automatically reject leads that don't meet your criteria using TrustedForm data.
  • Manage page scanning text variations
    Vary the accepted language based on lead source or other variables.
  • No ongoing integration maintenance
    We update and maintain the TrustedForm integration in LeadConduit.
  • Troubleshooting / error handling
    LeadConduit maintains a detailed event history and provides error handling options.
  • Easily add other lead enhancement services
    LeadConduit maintains integrations with a variety of data services.

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