The beginning of February was not just another week for the home services industry; it was a week of growth opportunities, connecting with innovators, and paving a new path to success. Home services and renewable energy professionals found their place in the bustling halls of knowledge and innovation at two significant events: Sunnova Summit and Accelerate LIVE! 2024.

With the momentum building from events that encourage strategic planning and growth, ActiveProspect found itself at the epicenter of it all. These events were not only about networking and selling products; they were about instigating change, fostering a community of advancement, and delving deep into the pulsating heart of the industry.

Accelerate LIVE!

Accelerate LIVE! was tailor-made for those who dared to dream beyond targets and specifications, and instead focused on building businesses aligned with their desired lifestyle. The event was a beacon for those who sought to break away from the cycle of mere sustenance and chase the vision of strategic growth and prosperity.

The two-day extravaganza showcased the latest in marketing, sales, and people management. Attendees were treated to a plethora of luminaries, each sharing unique perspectives and groundbreaking strategies. The impressive lineup included marketing maestros who dismantled conventional advertising myths and sales gurus who turned tactics on their heads for a fresh approach.

The speakers, mostly industry veterans, didn’t just expound on theories; they shared practical insights drawn from their own journeys – invaluable lessons for those present. Navigating through the temporally sequenced events, attendees journeyed from dreaming to strategic planning, from setting intentions to implementing tactical execution. 

Accelerate LIVE! lived up to its name by accelerating innovation, encouraging growth, and reinvigorating a passion that had laid dormant inside many in the home services industry. However, this event was far from the only one to leave us feeling inspired this month.

Sunnova Summit

The Sunnova Summit provided a recharge for industry professionals, showcasing the latest innovations in renewable energy, alongside government and regulatory perspectives. This event highlighted the increasing challenges that face the solar industry, but also underlined the numerous opportunities that exist for growth. 

Speakers, workshops, and symposiums dissected the delicate balance between technology and policy, ensuring a holistic understanding of industry trends. Our personal favorite session was from the Associate General Counsel from Dealer Supplier Contracts & IP, Alex Mittlested, who hosted the enlightening session, “Decoding the New FCC Rules for Lead Generation.”

This session overlapped with many of the key topics that the ActiveProspect team has been covering in our bi-weekly FCC-centric webinar series. As the FCC continues to redefine the TCPA landscape, it is important to stay up-to-date with all of the new changes that will redefine the lead-gen industry forever. 

The Sunnova Summit proved to be much more than a solar networking event. This summit was about connecting individuals committed to a common vision of a brighter, greener, and more compliant future. With industry-wide alignment and optimism for what’s ahead, it was impossible to leave this event feeling anything but inspired. 

Final thoughts

The experiences from Accelerate LIVE! and the Sunnova Summit are not mere memories; they are fuel for the future. It is with a renewed sense of purpose and the firm belief that the path to success is best walked with a community that shares common values and aspirations. As we look to integrate the knowledge and connections garnered, the journey is far from over. 

At ActiveProspect, our commitment to consent-based marketing isn’t just a policy – it’s a paradigm-shifting philosophy. By placing consumer confidence at the helm of marketing initiatives, we are forging a legacy as a champion of trust and transparency in the face of evolving regulation. We aim to carry forward the lessons learned, the connections made, and the enthusiasm ignited – for this collective momentum will create opportunities for us all. 

For those who couldn’t attend either even or connect with us, don’t worry. ActiveProspect is on the move like never before in 2024. Stay up-to-date about our upcoming events or connect with us now to be a part of our exciting future of lead acquisition and compliance. The journey has just begun, and the future is brighter than ever.