Leading call tracking and analytics platform Retreaver today announces it has integrated with the consent-based marketing platform ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm solution, an impartial issuing authority for lead certification. The new integration will help facilitate a higher degree of TCPA compliance within the call space, allowing call buyers to ensure that call transfers are fully compliant with TCPA standards in real time prior to purchase, while publishers can also increase confidence in the calls they sell.

Retreaver’s new integration with TrustedForm will allow customers to validate and claim TrustedForm URLs in real time. This results in a decreased risk of TCPA violations, allows advertisers to make appropriate routing decisions based on newly revealed call data, and helps increase conversions by reaching out only to the prospects you know have opted in to hear from you.

“Our integration with ActiveProspect is really exciting,” said Stan Pavlovsky, CRO at Retreaver. “With it, TrustedForm customers gain the ability to not only validate their certificate’s authenticity, but also take advantage of key ActiveProspect functionality by triggering integrations with a phone call. It’s a great way to optimize campaign budgets and performance expectations.”

Retreaver’s customizable call tracking and automation platform enables marketers to automate how their phone calls and data flow while tracking and optimizing conversions. As part of their continued commitment to ensuring their customers are protected against TCPA litigation, Retreaver has developed a seamless, out-of-the-box integration that provides legal and fraud protection, and ensures peace of mind for call buyers in the call space.

ActiveProspect developed TrustedForm in 2010 as the original lead certification product. TrustedForm generates a unique certificate for each prospect that is stored with each record, and includes a video replay of the prospect engaging with the web form. TrustedForm is considered the highest standard for documenting proof of TCPA consent.

“It’s always exciting when we integrate with new partners, but our integration with Retreaver is especially thrilling,” says ActiveProspect CMO Brian Caskey. “Each of our solutions complement each other in a way that allows our mutual customers to truly decrease their risk of TCPA violations.”

About Retreaver
Increased marketing ROI and streamlined marketing operations: this is what enterprises, agencies, and performance marketers experience for themselves when using Retreaver’s fully customizable, made-to-measure call tracking and routing software. Retreaver’s cutting edge software focuses on the journey between users’ online experiences and offline voice engagements, allowing users to track call data such as impressions, clicks, and leads. Exclusive tagging and step-in IVR technologies allow users to create efficient buyer journeys, eliminate redundancies, and make smart routing decisions, all with an easy, seamless integration. For more information, visit http://www.retreaver.com.

About ActiveProspect
ActiveProspect is an Austin-based SaaS company that helps companies acquire customers via consent-based marketing (opt-in leads). Our products are used by leading brands across many industries to efficiently and safely scale these types of campaigns. We give companies the insight and control needed to take real-time action on their leads – by paying the right price, filtering out leads that are unlikely to convert, and routing leads to the right place. In tandem, we help protect companies from Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) litigation by verifying and documenting proof of consent. For more information, visit ActiveProspect.com.