ActiveProspect CEO/Founder Steve Rafferty was presented the 2023 Tim Burke Pioneer Award on March 14, at LeadsCon in Las Vegas.

Honoring the late Tim Burke, the Consumer Consent Council created the Tim Burke Pioneer Award in 2019 to recognize exceptional individuals going above and beyond to make a significant impact within the performance marketing space.

Rafferty started ActiveProspect in 2004 after experiencing firsthand the problems his customers faced when managing online lead generation campaigns. Armed with a vision and a consent-based approach, Rafferty has worked tirelessly to improve the performance marketing space for consumers.

“I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who have supported me over the years, allowing me to live my dream of being an entrepreneur,” shared Rafferty.

“Those leads we process are people. How is our relationship with them? Do we give more or do we take more, and how do we give more to the consumer? What consumers want is more control; control over who gets their data, who contacts them, and when they get contacted. We should all be working toward giving them that control and that’s what consent-based marketing is all about.”

As Rafferty wrapped up his acceptance speech, he touched on the inevitability and embracing of change. “This is a really young industry. It’s only about 25 years old, and while I’ve been here it’s changed tremendously. It’s going to continue to change and quite frankly, it has to change. So I really look forward to working with all of you to help drive that change.”

Guided by Rafferty’s leadership, ActiveProspect will continue to be the change we need to see in the performance marketing space. To learn more about the Consumer Consent Council, visit their webpage:

About ActiveProspect

ActiveProspect is a SaaS platform on a mission to make consent-based marketing the best method for customer acquisition. ActiveProspect’s comprehensive product suite empowers companies across industries to take real-time action on their leads, protect themselves from litigation by documenting independent proof of consent, and save money by providing new levels of data insights and control.

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