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Google Lead Form Integration


Standard Transactional Pricing




Google Lead Form Website


Google's Lead Form Webhook enables you to send lead data through integrated forms tied to your ad in real time.

Response Fields

LeadConduit returns the following data to the lead source.

Response FieldDescription
The lead identifier that the source should reference
The outcome of the transaction (default is success)
If the outcome was a failure, this is the reason


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

ReferenceExternal lead identifier
Is TestWhether or not this is a test lead
First NameFirst name
Last NameLast name
Phone 1Phone 1
Postal CodePostal code
Campaign IdCampaign ID
Google Form IdGoogle Form ID
Google Creative IdDistinguishes the specific creative in the ad group. (Available for leads from video and discovery ads only).
Google Adgroup IdDistinguishes the specific creative in the ad group. (Available for leads from video and discovery ads only).
Google KeyGoogle Key
Google ClidA globally unique tracking parameter used by Google to pass information back and forth between Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
Address 1Street address of user.
CityCity of user.
Company Monthly SalesWhat is your annual sales volume?
Company Months In BusinessHow many years have you been in business?
Company NameCompany name of user.
Company Number EmployeesWhat size is your company?
CountryCountry of user.
Education LevelWhat is your highest level of education?
Education ProgramWhich program are you interested in?
Insurance TypeThe type of insurance
Preferred Contact MethodSelect your preferred method of contact
ProductWhich product are you interested in?
Property TypeWhat type of property are you looking for?
StateRegion of user.
Time To ContactWhat is the best time to contact you?
Timeframe DaysWhen are you looking to make a purchase?
TitleJob title of user.
ServiceWhich service are you interested in?
Vehicle Body StyleWhich type of vehicle are you interested in?
Vehicle ConditionWhat type of vehicle condition are you interested in?
Vehicle ModelWhich model are you interested in?
Vendor NameSelect your preferred dealership