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Managing Data For An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

This whitepaper explores the common challenges & hidden costs of acquiring new opt-in email subscribers, and an approach to solving these issues.

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Checklist: Building An In-House Solution vs. LeadConduit

Does your most cost-effective lead management solution lie in-house or with LeadConduit? Download our checklist to find out!

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Real-Time Lead Decisions: How They Work and Why It Matters

With new technology, you can start rejecting leads in real time -- saving your company both money and hassle, while helping you build better vendor relationships.

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Consent-Based Marketing: A Better Approach to Customer Acquisition

Everything you need about Consent-Based Marketing and how to take your business to the next level.

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DMi Partners’ Solution to Improved Onboarding & Validation of Email Subscribers

Find out how DMi Partners increased their client onboarding speed, number of new integrations, and improved data quality with the ActiveProspect platform.

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Solving the Lead Qualification Challenge in the Mortgage Refinancing Space

Mortgage lenders face significant challenges when it comes to finding qualified leads for their refinancing programs. Learn how this Top 10 lender solved their problems with ActiveProspect:

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Meredith’s Path To Scaling Newsletter Subscriber Acquisition Efforts

Learn how Meredith implemented ActiveProspect to easily onboard and test new partners, protect their database from bad emails, and eliminate manual newsletter subscriber capturing processes.

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SafeStreets Solution To Staying Ahead Of The Competition With Cutting-Edge Home Services Technology

SafeStreets needed to bring their demand generation in line with their cutting-edge customer experience. They reached out to ActiveProspect to make it happen.

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Send Better Holiday Email Campaigns in Just 3 Steps

'Tis the season to set up your holiday email campaigns! Discover our three steps to optimizing your CRM and messaging to create your best holiday campaign yet.

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Compliance Tips & Best Practices for Today's Landscape

We know that compliance can be a daunting, confusing topic -- especially with the recent changes to the TCPA and the introduction of the new Florida law.

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The surprising reason home services buyers should pay MORE per lead

There’s a fine line between optimizing your marketing spend and simply throwing money in the garbage. In the Home Services industry, navigating that line can be a huge challenge!

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Mastering Your SMS Outreach: Trends, Tips and Insights from the Experts

These days, it’s impossible to talk about scaling your business without including SMS outreach in the conversation.

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Facebook Lead Ads Integration

See how much ActiveProspect can help you get better Facebook leads.

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Lead Optimization

See how ActiveProspect can get help get more data on your leads.

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See TrustedForm in action.

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Lead Acquisition

See LeadConduit in action.

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Cultivate a Healthier Insurance Lead Gen Funnel

Katie Feeney, National Sales Director for Insurance at ActiveProspect, and Jason Cutter talk about how to improve lead acquisition practices in the insurance verticals.

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Closing the Feedback Loop for Home Services Buyers

Ruben Ugarte, National Sales Director for Home Services at ActiveProspect, and Jason Cutter talk about how to optimize and automate lead generation for home services brands.

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How To Invest in Better Financial Service Leads

Tracy Laney, National Sales Director for Financial Services at ActiveProspect, and Jason Cutter talk about how to improve ROI and lead quality for financial services brands.

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How To Use Consent-Based Marketing To Gain Higher Quality Leads

In this episode, Adam Chickman from Active Prospect and I, talk about how to gain higher quality leads. We also talked about his experiences as the VP of Sales relative to the call center world.

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