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A comprehensive guide to Facebook Lead Ads with LeadsBridge

This guide focuses on Facebook Lead Ads, one of the most powerful tools in the social media advertising landscape.

A guide to marketing automation with LeadsBridge

Just getting started with LeadsBridge? Or want to get the most out of your data automation platform? Learn all you need to know here.

The complete guide to ads cost in 2022

With the rise of new data privacy laws and a pandemic at our doorstep, 2021 advertising took a unique turn, to say the least. But what about 2022?

3 Reasons to Use Real-Time Bidding with ActiveProspect

Buy the right leads at the right price with LeadConduit’s real-time ping/post bidding.

DSplus supercharges lead volume and conversion rate with Facebook Lead Ads sync

Discover how LeadsBridge empowered DSplus to skyrocket their lead volume and conversion rate through its automated Facebook Lead Ads integration.

4LegalLeads.com dramatically boosts conversion rates and ROI with TrustedForm Insights

Despite an impressive publisher network and dedicated quality control mechanisms, 4LegalLeads.com recognized the need to further elevate the caliber of its services.

Momentum Solar optimized lead flow and saved millions with several essential LeadConduit add-ons.

Learn how Momentum Solar utilized the power of LeadCounduit to save them millions.

Charcoal increases lead quality by identifying the best lead sources with TrustedForm Insights

Charcoal was wasting resources purchasing leads that had expressed interest months prior. They had no way of validating the time of form submission and needed a solution to ensure their agents were only receiving real-time leads with a high intent.

FCC Series: Episode 6 | FCC Curveballs: TCPA compliance strategies for call centers

The FCC continues to deliver TCPA curveballs that affect the entire lead ecosystem. Staying ahead of the compliance pitch count is crucial for businesses to avoid a strikeout. Join us for a webinar to help change your compliance approach at the plate.

FCC Series: Episode 5 | AI’s Moral Compass: Harnessing its good and confronting its dark side

An insightful exploration into the future of AI and lead generation amidst the FCC’s latest TCPA updates. Explore the shifting dynamics of the regulatory landscape and its profound implications for businesses leveraging AI in lead generation.

FCC Series: Episode 4 | Don’t panic, prepare: Navigating the undefined world of robocalls and robotexts

Diving into the evolving landscape of call center technology and discuss key strategies to ensure compliance with the FCC’s latest TCPA updates in 2024 and beyond.

FCC Series: Episode 3 | Mastering TCPA compliance in your SMS marketing program

Stay at the forefront of compliance as our panel navigates the messaging and SMS intricacies of the FCC's latest TCPA update.

Mar 14, 2024

Buzz from our blog: The new FCC TCPA text message update & Lead Generation best practices for digital marketing agencies The latest trending topics: The new FCC revocation rule takes an unexpected turn Podcasts we are listening to: Decoding the latest FCC ruling Consent-based marketing add-on spotlight: HomeBuddy

Feb 29, 2024

Buzz from our blog: The complete TCPA consent guide & How to generate quality leads with Google Ads. The latest trending topics: Navigating the undefined world of robocalls and robotexts. Podcasts we are listening to: Unpacking the implications of new AI legislation. Consent-based marketing add-on spotlight: BriteVerify (email validation).

Feb 15, 2024

Buzz from our blog: The nuances of sweepstakes leads & How to follow up instantly with Facebook Lead Ads. The latest trending topics: Stay on top of the latest TCPA updates with our FCC webinar series. Podcasts we are listening to: How new privacy laws are going to affect your lead gen game. Consent-based marketing add-on spotlight: The Blacklist Alliance (TCPA Litigation Firewall).

Jan 18, 2024

Buzz from our blog: The FCC closes the lead generator loophole & The complete guide to TikTok advertising The latest trending topics: Navigate the latest FCC ruling with confidence and compliance Podcasts we are listening to: A breakdown of the new FCC regulations with Eric Troutman Consent-based marketing add-on spotlight: Litigator Scrub®

HelloProject Uses ActiveProspect to Deliver the Best Leads Possible by Identifying the Best Sources

Rick Myers, the VP of Sales/Co-Owner at HelloProject, shares how ActiveProspect has helped his team save time, money, and clients!

How PosiGen uses ActiveProspect to Expand Customer Base Effectively with LeadConduit

Michael Morrison, the Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager from PosiGen explains how ActiveProspect solutions have helped his team expand their customer base and filter through prospects they are contacting.

How Improveit uses ActiveProspect to Save Millions of Dollars with LeadConduit Filters & Add-ons

Traci Synder, the Vice President of Marketing, People & Technology from ImproveIt Home Remodeling, explains how ActiveProspect offers powerful solutions to save money, negotiate better pricing with partners, and more!

eQuoto Unlocks Opportunities and Preserves Consent to Contact with ActiveProspect

ActiveProspect's robust features have seamlessly integrated with eQuoto's existing workflows, empowering them to adhere to industry regulations while optimizing lead generation and conversions. eQuoto's innovative approach backed by ActiveProspect is a game-changer in today's competitive landscape.

Ben Farrar joins Privacy Please to discuss navigating the privacy landscape and to share insights into consent-based marketing

Ben Farrar, Director of Data, Privacy, and Compliance, joins the Privacy Please podcast to discuss an array of privacy and security topics.

Ruben Ugarte joins the Channel Automation Podcast to share valuable insights on how to improve lead generation strategies while maintaining compliance

Ruben Ugarte, National Sales Director for Home Services at ActiveProspect, joins the Channel Automation Podcast to discuss the importance of compliance in lead generation and marketing campaigns.

Ben Farrar joins Decrypted Unscripted to discuss consent-based marketing solutions

Ben Farrar, Director of Data, Privacy, and Compliance at ActiveProspect joins the Decrypted, Unscripted podcast to discuss the safety benefits of ActiveProspect’s platform and to detail how companies can minimize risks involving data breach regulations.

Cultivate a Healthier Insurance Lead Gen Funnel

Katie Feeney, National Sales Director for Insurance at ActiveProspect, and Jason Cutter talk about how to improve lead acquisition practices in the insurance verticals.

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