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Feed your call center with leads qualified through bank accurate homeownership, property, and mortgage data.

Appended Fields

iLeads will append the following data to your lead.

Appended FieldDescription
Integration outcome (success, failure, or error)
If outcome is error, the error reason
Lead Id
Lead id
Lead Id
Lead id
Avm Confidence Score
Avm confidence score
Avm High Value
Avm high value
Avm Low Value
Avm low value
Avm Value
Avm value
Foreclosure No Dor Foreclosure
Foreclosure no dor foreclosure
Foreclosure Default Amount
Foreclosure default amount
Foreclosure Default Date
Foreclosure default date
Property Is Home Owner
Property is home owner
Property Owner Name
Property owner name
Property Is Owner Occupied
Property is owner occupied
Property Address
Property address
Property Unit Number
Property unit number
Property City
Property city
Property State
Property state
Property Zip
Property zip
Property Apn
Property apn
Property County
Property county
Property Census Tract
Property census tract
Property Fips Code
Property fips code
Property Fips Census Combo
Property fips census combo
Property Property Use
Property property use
Property Land Use Description
Property land use description
Property County Use
Property county use
Property State Land Use Description
Property state land use description
Property Bathrooms
Property bathrooms
Property Bedrooms
Property bedrooms
Property Basement Sq Ft
Property basement sq ft
Property Fireplaces
Property fireplaces
Property Central Cooling
Property central cooling
Property Parking Type
Property parking type
Property Garage Sq Ft
Property garage sq ft
Property Garage Total Cars
Property garage total cars
Property Land Value
Property land value
Property Lot Area Sq Ft
Property lot area sq ft
Property Pool
Property pool
Property Total Assesed Value Amount
Property total assesed value amount
Property Roof Surface Description
Property roof surface description
Property Total Living Area Sq Ft
Property total living area sq ft
Property Gross Living Area Sq Ft
Property gross living area sq ft
Property Total Adjustment Living Sq Ft
Property total adjustment living sq ft
Property Total Rooms
Property total rooms
Property Total Stories
Property total stories
Property Year Built
Property year built
Property Schooldistrict
Property schooldistrict
Property Realestatetotaltaxamount
Property realestatetotaltaxamount
Property Last Sale Date
Property last sale date
Property Last Sale Price
Property last sale price
Property Price Per Square Foot
Property price per square foot
Property Improvementvalue
Property improvementvalue
Property Zoning
Property zoning
Property Taxyear
Property taxyear
Property Totaltaxablevalueamount
Property totaltaxablevalueamount
Property Phone Number
Property phone number
Property Mailing Address
Property mailing address
Property Mailing City
Property mailing city
Property Mailing State
Property mailing state
Property Mailing Postal Code
Property mailing postal code
Property Plus Four Postal Code
Property plus four postal code
Property House Number
Property house number
Property Direction Prefix
Property direction prefix
Property Street Name
Property street name
Property Street Suffix
Property street suffix
Property Direction Suffix
Property direction suffix
Property Apartment Or Unit
Property apartment or unit
Property Site Influence Description
Property site influence description
Property Flood Zone Identifier
Property flood zone identifier
Property Roof Type Description
Property roof type description
Property Foundation Material Description
Property foundation material description
Property Conditions Description
Property conditions description
Property Construction Quality Type Description
Property construction quality type description
Property Other Property Improvements Description
Property other property improvements description
Property Exterior Walls Identifier
Property exterior walls identifier
Property Construction Type Description
Property construction type description
Property Improvement Value Amount
Property improvement value amount
Property Basement Type
Property basement type
Property Basement Description
Property basement description
Property Basement Finished Area Sq Ft
Property basement finished area sq ft
Property Lender Name
Property lender name
Property Title Company Name
Property title company name
Property Open Lien Amount
Property open lien amount
Property Open Lien Count
Property open lien count
Property Last Loan Date
Property last loan date
Lien 1 Transaction Number
Liens 0 transaction number
Lien 1 Transaction Type
Liens 0 transaction type
Lien 1 Sale Document Number Identifier
Liens 0 sale document number identifier
Lien 1 Sale Deed Type Description
Liens 0 sale deed type description
Lien 1 Sale Deed Type Damar Code
Liens 0 sale deed type damar code
Lien 1 Sale Recording Date
Liens 0 sale recording date
Lien 1 Sale Date
Liens 0 sale date
Lien 1 One Sale Type Description
Liens 0 one sale type description
Lien 1 Sale Stamp Amount
Liens 0 sale stamp amount
Lien 1 Sales Price Amount
Liens 0 sales price amount
Lien 1 Sale Seller Name
Liens 0 sale seller name
Lien 1 Sale Buyer Names
Liens 0 sale buyer names
Lien 1 Sale Title Company Name
Liens 0 sale title company name
Lien 1 Sale Transfer Document Number Identifier
Liens 0 sale transfer document number identifier
Lien 1 Sale Owner Transfer Indicator
Liens 0 sale owner transfer indicator
Lien 1 Corporate Buyer
Liens 0 corporate buyer
Lien 1 Borrower 1 Names
Liens 0 borrower 1 names
Lien 1 Vesting Description
Liens 0 vesting description
Lien 1 Last Sale Indicator
Liens 0 last sale indicator
Lien 1 Mortgage Amount
Liens 0 mortgage amount
Estimated Data Mortgage Term
Estimated data mortgage term
Estimated Data Mortgage Interest Rate
Estimated data mortgage interest rate
Estimated Data Mortgage Payment
Estimated data mortgage payment
Estimated Data Mortgage Age In Months
Estimated data mortgage age in months
Estimated Data Mortgage Balance
Estimated data mortgage balance
Estimated Data Ltv
Estimated data ltv
Estimated Data Equity
Estimated data equity


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

First Name
Required fieldiLeads needs this data to function.
Lead first name
Last Name
Required fieldiLeads needs this data to function.
Lead last name
Address 1
Required fieldiLeads needs this data to function.
Lead address 1
Address 2
Lead address 2
Required fieldiLeads needs this data to function.
Lead city (required if postal_code not present)
Required fieldiLeads needs this data to function.
Lead state two-letter abbreviation (required if postal_code not present)
Postal Code
Required fieldiLeads needs this data to function.
Lead postal code (required if city and state not present)

Custom Input Variables

The following are configuration options (typically not collected with lead data).

External IdUnique ID provided by client - defaults to LeadConduit lead ID
Timeout SecondsProduce an "error" outcome if the server fails to respond within this number of seconds (default: 360)