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Email Validation


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Validate email addresses and identify high risk emails in real-time.

Appended Fields

IPQualityScore will append the following data to your lead.

Appended FieldDescription
Integration outcome (success, failure, or error)
If outcome is error, the error reason
Does this email address appear valid?
Is this email suspected of belonging to a temporary or disposable mail service? Usually associated with fraudsters and scammers
Timed Out
Did the connection to the mail service provider timeout during the verification? If so, IPQualityScore recommends increasing the "timeout" variable above the default 7 second value. Lookups that timeout with a "valid" result as false are most likely false and should be not be trusted
How likely is this email to be delivered to the user and land in their mailbox. Values can be "high", "medium", or "low"
Catch All
Is this email likely to be a "catch all" where the mail server verifies all emails tested against it as valid? It is difficult to determine if the address is truly valid in these scenarios, since the email's server will not confirm the account's status
Was this email address associated with a recent database leak from a third party? Leaked accounts pose a risk as they may have become compromised during a database breach
This value indicates if the mail server is currently replying with a temporary error and unable to verify the email address. This status will also be true for "catch all" email addresses as defined below. If this value is true, then IPQualityScore suspects the "valid" result may be tainted and there is not a guarantee that the email address is truly valid
Smtp Score
Validity score of email server's SMTP setup. Range: "-1" - "3". Scores above "-1" can be associated with a valid email
Overall Score
Overall email validity score. Range: "0" - "4". Scores above "1" can be associated with a valid email
First Name
Suspected first name based on email. Returns "CORPORATE" if the email is suspected of being a generic company email. Returns "UNKNOWN" if the first name was not determinable
Is this email from a common email provider? ("gmail.com", "yahoo.com", "hotmail.com", etc.)
Is this email suspected as being a catch all or shared email for a domain? ("admin@", "webmaster@", "newsletter@", "sales@", "contact@", etc.)
Dns Valid
Does the email's hostname have valid DNS entries? Partial indication of a valid email
Is this email believed to be a "honeypot" or "SPAM trap"? Bulk mail sent to these emails increases your risk of being blacklisted by large ISPs & ending up in the spam folder
Spam Trap Score
Confidence level of the email address being an active SPAM trap. Values can be "high", "medium", "low", or "none". IPQualityScore recommend scrubbing emails with "high" or "medium" statuses. Avoid "low" emails whenever possible for any promotional mailings
Recent Abuse
This value will indicate if there has been any recently verified abuse across our network for this email address. Abuse could be a confirmed chargeback, fake signup, compromised device, fake app install, or similar malicious behavior within the past few days
Fraud Score
The overall Fraud Score of the user based on the email's reputation and recent behavior across the IPQS threat network. Fraud Scores >= 75 are suspicious, but not necessarily fraudulent
Frequent Complainer
Indicates if this email frequently unsubscribes from marketing lists or reports email as SPAM
Suggested Domain
Default value is "N/A". Indicates if this email's domain should in fact be corrected to a popular mail service. This field is useful for catching user typos. For example, an email address with "gmai.com", would display a suggested domain of "gmail.com". This feature supports all major mail service providers
First Seen Human
A human description of the email address age, using an estimation of the email creation date when IPQS first discovered this email address. (Ex: 3 months ago)
First Seen Timestamp
The unix time since epoch when this email was first analyzed by IPQS. (Ex: 1568061634)
First Seen Iso
The time this email was first analyzed by IPQS in ISO8601 format (Ex: 2019-09-09T16:40:34-04:00)
Domain Age Human
A human description of when this domain was registered. (Ex: 3 months ago)
Domain Age Timestamp
The unix time since epoch when this domain was first registered. (Ex: 1568061634)
Domain Age Iso
The time this domain was registered in ISO8601 format (Ex: 2019-09-09T16:40:34-04:00)
Sanitized Email
Sanitized email address with all aliases and masking removed, such as multiple periods for Gmail.com


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

Required fieldIPQualityScore needs this data to function.

Custom Input Variables

The following are configuration options (typically not collected with lead data).

Email Validation FastSet to true to increase API speed by skipping SMTP check (default: false)
Email Validation TimeoutMaximum seconds (1-60) to wait for reply (default: 7)
Email Validation Suggest DomainSet to true to correct email domain to a popular mail service if it has a typo (default: false)
Email Validation StrictnessNumeric value (0-2) for how strictly spam traps and honeypots are detected (default: 0)
Email Validation Abuse StrictnessNumeric value (0-2) for machine learning pattern recognition strictness (default: 0)
Timeout SecondsProduce an "error" outcome if the server fails to respond within this number of seconds (default: 360)