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Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider with 6 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails each month.

Appended Fields

Mailchimp will append the following data to your lead.

Appended FieldDescription
The outcome. The default is success.
The reason when the outcome is error or failure.
The MD5 hash of the lowercase version of the list member’s email address.
Email Address
Email address of Member
Unique Email Id
An identifier for the address across all of Mailchimp
Mailchimp Email Type
The type of email to be sent to member. html or text. Default is html
Member’s current status.
Unsubscribe Reason
A subscriber’s reason for unsubscribing.
Avg Open Rate
A subscriber’s average open rate.
Avg Click Rate
A subscriber’s average clickthrough rate.
Ip Signup
IP address the subscriber signed up from
Timestamp Signup
The date and time the subscriber signed up for the list.
Ip Opt
The IP address the subscriber used to confirm their opt-in status.
Timestamp Opt
The date and time the subscribe confirmed their opt-in status.
VIP status of member. The default is false.
Email Client
The list member's email client
Member Rating
Star rating for this member, between 1 and 5.
If set/detected, the subscriber’s language.
Last Changed
The date and time the member’s info was last changed.


The following fields are used by this integration and automatically added to your flow when missing.

Required fieldMailchimp needs this data to function.
Email address of Member to be added to the list
First Name
Member's first name.
Last Name
Member's last name.
Ip Address
IP address the subscriber signed up from

Custom Input Variables

The following are configuration options (typically not collected with lead data).

Mailchimp Api KeyYour Mailchimp API key
Mailchimp List IdThe unique id for the list.
Mailchimp Email TypeThe type of email this member asked to get (html or text).
Mailchimp StatusSubscriber’s current status. This is subscribed, unsubscribed, cleaned or pending. The default is subscribed
Merge Field Mailchimp merge field, additional data for the member being added
LanguageMember's language code (Examples are en, fr)
Interest The key is the ID of the interest in question. The value is true or false.
Mailchimp VipVIP status of member. The default is false
LatitudeMember's location latitude.
LongitudeMember's location longitude
Timestamp SignupThe date and time the subscriber signed up. Defaults to lead submission time.
Ip OptThe IP address the subscriber used to confirm their opt-in status.
Timestamp OptThe date and time the subscriber confirmed their opt-in status.
TagsComma-separated list of tags associated with a member
Timeout SecondsProduce an "error" outcome if the server fails to respond within this number of seconds (default: 360)