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We created TrustedForm for a simple reason:

We want lead buyers to value Internet leads from partner websites as highly as those generated by their own websites.

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TrustedForm Publisher Benefits

  • Higher Lead Prices

    While we can’t guarantee that you will get paid more per lead, the fact is that TrustedForm Certified leads are more valuable to buyers. Many lead buyers that require TrustedForm has increased their payout to their partners.
  • Access to Buyers

    ActiveProspect processess millions of Internet leads per month on behalf of lead buyers from all industries. Buyers ask us for recommendations on where to acquire leads. For this reason we launched the TrustedForm Certified Vendor program so we can easily direct our buyers to vendors that are willing to provide TrustedForm Certified Leads. Need help reaching a particular buyer? Call us!
  • Easy to Implement

    Universal Script

    We have a single script for every placement/advertiser so it is easy to manage.

    No Accounts Required

    Our script is openly available on our website for testing.

    You See What the Buyer Sees

    Simply click on the TrustedForm Certificate URL to view.
  • Performance

    Our script is asynchronous JavaScript designed to never slow down your website or interfere with other scripts. It has been in use since 2010 on thousands of sites generating hundreds of millions of certificates.
  • Protect Proprietary Information


    We don’t require that you register an account with us so that you can issue TrustedForm certs anonymously. Since everyone uses the same script, we don’t track which vendor uses which sites.

    Protect Traffic Sources

    We believe the traffic sources you use to generate leads is your secret sauce and it needs to be protected. We don’t collect referer URLs and truncate website URLs so your buyers can’t access any query string data.

    Masked Certificates

    There is an optional feature for account holders that allows you to mask the source information including the website URL, screenshot and Snapshot/VideoReplay from your buyers. You have total control if you ever want to reveal it.

    Legal Protection

    Our end User License Agreement explicitly states what data we collect and what we do with it.

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