Navigate the latest FCC ruling with confidence and compliance

Are you grappling with the complexities of the recent FCC ruling? Wondering how it impacts your industry and business operations?

ActiveProspect hosts Launch Potato’s General Counsel Craig Ready for a dynamic webinar as they address key concerns surrounding the FCC’s latest ruling. In this webinar, the panel will cover:

  • Foundational overview of the latest FCC ruling
  • The sweepstakes perspective
  • Logical and topical
  • First-party lead generation regarding entity consent

Empower your business with the knowledge needed to thrive in the changing regulatory landscape.

Craig Ready, General Counsel, at Launch Potato

Craig Ready
General Counsel at Launch Potato

Ben Farrar, Director of Privacy, Security, and Compliance at ActiveProspect

Ben Farrar
Director of Privacy, Security, & Compliance at ActiveProspect


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