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As January 2025 approaches, the FCC is set to implement a transformative update to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Join us for this webinar as we offer a comprehensive exploration of the new TCPA regulations and practical guidance for adapting your text message marketing strategies. Whether you are a buyer or a seller in the lead-gen or marketing industries, understanding these changes is crucial to maintaining compliance and optimizing your texting and calling outreach operations.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Strategic adaptations for marketers: Discover strategies to redesign your lead-generation models to comply with the future of the TCPA.
  • Technological requirements for compliance: Identify the necessary technology solutions to effectively capture and document consent across all marketing channels and how to align your entire company.
  • Vendor management and compliance: Understand the importance of vetting vendors and their agreements to ensure they are TCPA-compliant.
  • Avoiding pitfalls with carriers and texting consent: Learn how to navigate carrier requirements and avoid common SMS mistakes that could lead to non-compliance or service disruptions.
  • Proactive compliance: Manage risks by monitoring opt-out rates, updating lead forms for consent verification, limiting daily message volumes, avoiding irrelevant phone numbers, and segmenting campaigns to target specific audiences effectively.

This webinar is ideal for marketers, compliance officers, and anyone involved in lead generation or digital marketing who needs help preparing for the TCPA's new updates.



Kristen McCormick 
Head of Marketing at Hatch


Bryan Behan 
Senior Marketing Consultant at Socius Marketing


Mike Peronto 
Director of Professional Services at ActiveProspect


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