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The FCC continues to deliver TCPA curveballs that affect the entire lead ecosystem. With constant changes and updates, staying ahead of the compliance pitch count is crucial for businesses to avoid a strikeout. That is why ActiveProspect has teamed up with Contact Center Compliance for a webinar to help change your compliance approach at the plate.

In this session, our expert speakers will guide you through the FCC’s recent changes to TCPA regulations, focusing on the implications for call centers and brands that use automated dialing systems (ATDS). The webinar will explore:

  • Call Tracebacks, call blocking, and spam-likely labeling
  • State and federal TCPA regulation requirements
  • Developing a Compliance Guide 2.0
  • Use of DNC litigator scrub and compliance integrations with ActiveProspect

Isaac Shloss 
Chief Product Officer at Contact Center Compliance

Ben Farrar, Director of Privacy, Security, and Compliance at ActiveProspect

Ben Farrar 
Director of Privacy, Security, & Compliance at ActiveProspect


Whether you're a seasoned compliance professional or new to the field, this webinar offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you confidently navigate the complex landscape of TCPA regulations. Don't get caught off guard by regulatory curveballs – join us and learn how to hit compliance out of the park in your sales marketing calling/text messaging outreach and call center record-keeping obligations.

DISCLAIMER: This page and all related links are provided for general informational and educational purposes only and are not legal advice. ActiveProspect does not warrant or guarantee this information will provide you with legal protection or compliance. Please consult with your legal counsel for legal and compliance advice. You are responsible for using any ActiveProspect Services in a legally compliant manner pursuant to ActiveProspect’s Terms of Service. Any quotes contained herein belong to the person(s) quoted and do not necessarily represent the views and/or opinions of ActiveProspect.

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